The Dixie Chicks

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  • rocketman

    I won't buy the Dixie Chicks simply because I don't like the song "Landslide", either the original or their cover version of it.

    Two of the three of them are cute though.

  • Xena
    BUT ... I don't think it's right or fair for people to organise boycotts and promote them to harm someone's business or to try and influence other people in the way that apparently has. It is rediculous.

    What you mean like people who picket against the war? Boycott businesses that are pro-war?? Aren't they doing the same thing??

    Personally I enjoy some of the Dixie Chicks music..and I will continue to enjoy it, I don't listen to them for their political views...but other people have the freedom to not enjoy it if they so please. And as people have noted their core audience is country music fans who tend to be more patriotic. Not real smart...

    hhhmm if they lived in Iraq I wonder what would have happened to them if they had made that statement about Saddam? Course being women they never would have gotten where they are in Iraq would they?

    As for the boycott on American goods....*shrug* people gotta do what they gotta sure I would probably complain, who wouldn't???..but I would respect their right to not buy from us.

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    I take it then, from your reactions, that were people to organise say ... a boycott of American goods, that you sould see nothing wrong with that and would not complain about it at all.

    Nahhhhh.... go ahead... boycott American goods... people have the freedom to do what they want. At the same time, some American entrepreneur will start a campaign for Americans to only 'buy American', thus offsetting any negative effect (big deal) that it might cause.

  • sandy

    well said Terry

    Should the Dixie chicks be treated as they are; probably not. However, something else that cannot be denied is that they are incredibly stupid. I think if they had actual criticisms of the war and expressed them in a way that was not an insult to the president, they would not be in the current state they are in.

    I wouldn't go so far as to boycott there music at least not for too long. I was upset with them at first but it was more for them saying something than for what they said.

    I get so annoyed with many entertainers who think they can make all these uninformed comments about politics.

    If the Dixie Chicks (mainly Natalie Maines) had any common sense they would have kept their big traps shut.

    They are still playing there music out here in California at least on the Los Angeles Station.

    I hate their version of Landslide!!! At least Natalie Maines singing it. I do like a lot of their music its just the Landslide song, I think her voice is too annoying for that song.

  • Sara Annie
    Sara Annie

    The bitch about freedom of speech and self-expression is that everyone has it.

    You can say whatever you like about any subject you wish, you just have to be able to live with the consequences. Natalie Maines made a mistake--not in expressing her opinion about Bush, but in failing to realize that a whole lot of people who pay for her music would hold it against her. That's a bummer, I'm sure she's upset about it, but we all get to live with the consequences of our actions.

    Was she right to say what she did? Sure, it was her right to do so. Is it right for people to refuse to financially support her due to her political statements right? Sure, for the same reason.

  • ashitaka

    Too bad some of their core customers are yes-men morons who can't think reasonably.

    If I had a political opinion, would my job have the right to fire me over it? Or financially hurt me over it?

    People are persecuting them for using their own reasoning, because they choose not to hold the popular opinion. People are trying to financially hurt them because they aren't in the in crowd.



  • Xena

    So what is your solution ash? Force people to buy their albums?

    Whenever you are in a customer driven business you are to a certain extent at the mercy of your customers...and if they tend to be hyper sensitive patriotic Americans (lol and yes I do agree there are a few of these around but not ALL of us) then you should keep that in mind when you feel inclined to speak your mind.

    Every action has a reaction and consequences that go with it....

    Right or wrong, those people have just as much right not to patrionize the Dixie Chicks anymore as the Dixie Chicks (which ever one it was anyway) had in speaking their mind.

  • ashitaka
    Right or wrong, those people have just as much right not to patrionize the Dixie Chicks anymore as the Dixie Chicks (which ever one it was anyway) had in speaking their mind.

    True enough. I agree.

    I just have a problem with one set of people having power over another because of opinions. I had unpopular opinions in the Witnesses and I was harassed. So, I left. Now, if people have unpopular opinions about the leadership in America, do they have to leave the country to be able to speak their views without harassment? It's just not possible.

    People shouldn't be judged on their views, but on their work.

    Still, to each his own.


  • Xena

    Well, I would think they only have power over them because of the type of business they are in. It was a risk she took when she got up on a stage and told the world how she felt. Lets face it, when you are in the public eye you can expect to catch a bit of flack when you make a political statement like that in a public forum.

    I work and play with a diverse group of people...we all have different opinions on the war and government...and I come from JW's who as we know don't support the war...are any of them harassed or told to leave the country for not toeing the popular party line? Not to my knowledge....

    lol course I know better than to go into a country-western bar, stand up on the bar and make those same comments she did...

  • ashitaka
    lol course I know better than to go into a country-western bar, stand up on the bar and make those same comments she did...

    HA! Me, too. I like my limbs! I'm not ready to be hung from the nearest lamppost. LOL My uncle (the Texan) would probably kick my ass as well.

    So, if I go down south again this year, you had better believe that I'll be waving a flag for my own safety.....heh


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