The Dixie Chicks

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  • jelly

    Maybe this is a parallel for you guys. I remember working in a restaurant for a family of witnesses. Every year at Christmas when all the other restaurants were decorated with the seasonal fetishes this place was as completely devoid of decoration. I remember the owners complaining that they lost business due to this practice, and claimed people were shunning them because of their beliefs. Actually, most people were probably just in the Christmas mood so went somewhere more in line with their feelings, but some never came back. The restaurant is out of business now. So famous or not business is business, do not upset your customers. Many things in life are not fair but this is just reality.

    Should the Dixie chicks be treated as they are; probably not. However, something else that cannot be denied is that they are incredibly stupid. I think if they had actual criticisms of the war and expressed them in a way that was not an insult to the president, they would not be in the current state they are in. Honestly, it is not only that they were against the war but also it was the way in which they proclaimed their opposition that does not sit well with some people.


  • Maverick

    Freedom has a price, but as for the Dixie Chicks, a group I really like, their 'crime' was spouting against a fellow Texan outside the US. They were in a foreign country. This was perceived as a very cowardly and disloyal thing by Americans. We will give our government-a-rash of shit at home. But don't try to appease a bunch of foreigners trying to be politically correct!

    As for inciting others to act in accordance to a cause or ideal for or against some person or group, silly me, I thought that is why we are on this forum. Sounds a little hypocritical people! Maverick

  • JT

    many have mentioned freedom of speech ,well the issue had nothing to do with freedom, WHAT you had was someone who OPENED MOUTH --INSERTED FOOT-

    the mere fact that she recanted says all one needs to know

    Mohamid Ali on the the other hand whether you agree with him or not AT LEAST STOOD HIS GROUND-

    as sooon as she got that call from her promoters, accountant, biz manager, all of a sudden the back peddling started- we all must keep in mind that just because a person has reached fame and fortune has nothing to do with them being able to say something in an intelligent mannner.

    her music is great and that is why they make the type of BANK THEY DO, yet as has been pointed out she caters to the American Heartland, the flag waving kind of folks and she pissed them off,

    now ask yourself, if SNOPP DOGGY DOG or Dr Dre. had said the same thing - i don't see their core audience even caring-

    as they say you got to know who your customers are and what they want, if not you have to find out the hard way like she did-

    i undersdtand the other girls didn't express this type of view, i know they must have been PISSED when all this backlash hit them. like WHAT THE HE!! WERE YOU THINKING- "O she wasn't thinking"


  • TresHappy

    I personally love the Dixie Chicks. But all the radio stations have stopped playing their music. My favorite is Travelin' Soldier...

  • Aztec

    I think boycotting a musician just because they said something you find distastful is extremely immature IMO! ~Aztec

  • Francois

    Yeah, we have freedom of speech but we also have freedom of reaction to your freedom of speech.

    As for your prime minister, anyone who speaks out of the side of his face should be the object of scorn at the very least.


  • Shakita


    I love Travelin Soldier too. Another one I enjoy on that CD, Godspeed(Sweet Dreams). Their version of Landslide is OK, but Stevie Nicks did it best in my opinion.

    My 2 cents....the girls should zip their lips. As a customer, I could care less what their political opinions are.

    Mrs. Shakita

  • teenyuck

    Since I do have a lack of objectivity, have no reasoning abilities and I am *Another desperate far-right whacko* (thank you Reborn, I do appreciate you seeing my good side--)....

    I will say I agree with blacksheep, jelly, wednesday, JT and everyone else who realizes that:


    I think I have been watching Dr. Phil too often......

    Tina of the dumb, uniformed and far-right wacko group

  • Thunder Rider
    Thunder Rider

    I don't understand it either.

    I was boycotting them cause I don't like country music. That was enough for me.


  • Simon

    Yes, country music sucks (apart from Shania who can be enjoyed with the sound turned down)

    I take it then, from your reactions, that were people to organise say ... a boycott of American goods, that you sould see nothing wrong with that and would not complain about it at all?

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