My daughter ( JW) called me today!!!!!!!

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  • Robdar


    I am so happy for you and for your daughter. I am sure that she feels as good about the conversation as you do. What a day, eh?



  • avengers

    I'm real happy for you. At least you're making progress. Wish I could say the same.


  • Prisca


    I'm happy for you. I hope your daughter is beginning to realise how important family is.


    Mouthy, that's great news!

    I laughed near the end about the card etc. (birthday gift ) - leave it to our internet gran. You make me laugh, but in a sweet way.

    Glad to hear she called, and I hope she'll warm up to you.

    Who knows what is around the corner, but something tells me, she's missing you more you can possibly imagine.

    I should give you a call. Think it's time to give my internet granny some attention.

    Talk to you soon.

    Love, Rayzorblade

  • BluesBrother

    Great news Grace , I am so happy for you. You are a credit and example to us all.

    Your post had me thinking, "What would I have done if my Mother had ever ben d/f". I cannot imagine it hapening and she is dead now, but how would I have treated her?

    I cannot believe would have ignored her. She was my Mum. Perhaps kept a token distance but still kept in touch , I am sure, so as to be there for her - just my thoughts

  • nightwarrior

    Mouthy, I wish you were nearer and I would give you a BIG HUG((((((((((((((((Mouthy)))))))))))))))

    I am glad that your daughter called, and bridges have been crossed, doors have been opened, and hopefully will remain open.

    I am in position as that my mam has taken it upon herself not to talk to me, I know that eventually she will call, but she has been writing letters, but very sarcastic and hurtful, but she will get over it I am sure... it is strange not talking to her, but I have to leave the ball in her court, and when we do talk (when?) we will have to agree not to talk religion!!

    But know that I am happy for you..

    Your friends here in London

    Cath (Mrs Nightwarrior)

  • mouthy

    teejay-Thanks for your answer-happy to hear I am one of your favorites( swelled head

    Manon- I hope so too


    nowisee-Yes I hope I get repeats too-but I am still remembering what was said

    gold_morning-I am so sorry to hear your story-but your God shined through when you told them you loved them

    onacruise -Glad you know Mums dont goof after 60> HMM cough! cough!( except this one does)

    Double Edge-Yeah what a birthday gift eh?

    Bikerchic Thanks maybe it will here is hoping.

    Xena-((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))awesome for me

    Robdar- I hope she enjoyed it also she sounded like she did ,she laughed at some of the thungs I said

    Avengers - Hope your day will come soon.

    Prisca-I hope so too

    Razorblade ((((hug)))love Ya!

    Blues brother So happy you never had to make the discission.

    Nightwarrior -((((hug))) I guess your way is the best way..

    .Now I have a question to you How do I stop my answers from going TWO lines apart insted of one- I have tried everything ,I either have to just keep on typing -to not waste space or if I press to go to the next line -it goes down two DAH!!! It is hard to teach an old dog new tricks((((hugs to all)

  • Maverick

    Glad to hear you got to share some thoughts with your daughter. I wish you peace and continued communication with the ones you love. Maverick

  • JH
    Thank You I will accept it as my birthday gift ( which is next month)

    I wish you a very nice Happy Birthday next month Mouthy

  • Swan

    That's such good news to hear Grace.

    I'm so happy for you!


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