My daughter ( JW) called me today!!!!!!!

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  • mouthy

    Every one knows( regulars on board) that my JW daughter didnt speak to me for 10 years- the when my Melanie was dying in 1999,she heard I was having back problems & having a hard time lifting my Melanie...She told that person she would be willing to come & help if she had the money( she lives in Montreal I live in Ontario) So I called her bluff & sent the money for her fare.She stayed to help my daughter 10 days. Then when my daughter died -3 days after she left. She spoke to me on the phone said she was sorry- ( all the time she was here religion was not discussed -when Christians came to visit Mell she would walk out)although she worked real hard while here. Then I never heard from her again until after the Kindgdom Ministry told them they could look after aged parents. I had been hospitilzed for 10 days. So she came to me for a week It was wonderful ( just a few upsets if we got on to God) then I never heard from her again until she heard I had gone to Vickies trail-when she said I should mind my own buisness. Well Its her 32nd wedding anniversary next week -So I send a card & $50.00 SO Today she called me.... To thank me!!!! She talked about half an Hour ..... I loved it....Just about her family & her work, & the Bro's & Sis that used to be my friends. ( now in there 80's )I only made one mistake .As I was getting off -I said Oh You have made me so happy by calling Thank You I will accept it as my birthday gift ( which is next month) "OH NO YOU WONT "she said. OOPS!!! I goofed.So I said I guess I wont hear from you again until I am 90 ..she laughed & said Yeah!!!!

    Sorry to bore you all but I wanted to share my happiness with you -my family

  • teejay

    That’s good to hear, Mouthy. It’s a shame what the Organization does to families but, as in your case, there’s always hope that things will work out in the end. You are one of’s favorites, and many of us would be honored to be able to come visit you if we could.

    Too bad that your daughter isn’t able to realize what she has in you but maybe one day...

    Good luck!

  • manon


    What wonderful news, I'm so happy for you & your daughter. I get really happy when families can put aside their differences and just enjoy each other. I hope you and her share more times like this one. Thanks for allowing us in.


  • Jesika

    I am glad you got to talk with your daughter!!!!


  • nowisee

    dear mouthy,

    im sorry i don't know your story better. i was sorry to read that you lost a daughter.

    i was heartened, however, to read about your jw daughter calling you. you know, i can't help but feeling that her love for you shines through, even though she has all of these outside restraints on it. i sincerely hope that the joy of the occasion remains with both of you and is soon repeated.

    best wishes with love, nowisee

  • gold_morning


    That made me sooo happy to read that. My situation is reversed. My mother (and brother) do not talk to me. I am the Christian and they are still JW's. I only hear from my mother occasionally. It is very distant.

    Last month I decided to open up to my mother. I did it in a loving way. I thanked her for giving me a bible upbringing. I told her that her and I aren't so very different. That we both love God. I went into a couple of things that we believe differently. I told her that I wanted her to know I loved her and that I would never hold it against her about not talking to me. That I understood even though I did not agree.

    For a week or two she even called my children (who are now all grown and in their 20"s) and even gave me a call. After my brother visited her (who is a big time JW) the calls totally ended. He got wind that I help ex JW's and told my children that I am truly an apostate! So back to ground zero.

    Still, though, I feel better I told her that I love her and that I believe she loves me too. I also feel better that she at least knows I love God very much and worship HIM.

    Do you best to keep the lines of communication open, even if it is sending occasional cards. They do what they do out of blindness. It really is not their Christian conscience motivating them...that is just a facade for fear.

    agape love, gold_morning

  • onacruse

    Grace, my heart rejoices with yours The strength and love you show dignifies your faith. You're an example of what true Christianity can be.

    OOPS!!! I goofed.

    I don't know how it is up there in Canada, but down here, Mums over 60 can never goof.


    PS: Actually, Mums never goof, but until they're 60, we sometimes like to think they do.

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge


    I was happy to read about your good news. I've been following you posts and look forward to you insightful comments. Whether or not your daughter admits it, it WAS a great birthday gift (hehe). Thanks for sharing......

    Double Edge

  • bikerchic

    Mouthy what a great birthday prezzy! I'm really happy for you and excited that this may open the door for a renewed relationship with your daughter.

    It's really great to hear!


  • xenawarrior

    ((((((((((((((((Yay Grace)))))))))))))))))))

    This is an awesome thing. Baby steps are okay sometimes. I'm happy that you enjoyed your talk with her!!!!


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