My daughter ( JW) called me today!!!!!!!

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  • mouthy

    xena Thanks I have to try that .
    Oh thanks alot my love ----Thats what I didnt know !!!!!!!! Hey that is great!!!!Something else I learned !
    Oh I love it!!!!!!!Thanks
    Thanks to all that answered this thread
    LOOK !!!!I can do it!!!!!!!!( skipping from the room cos I learned something else today ) I love Xena,I love Xena

  • jgnat

    I have been off enjoying my days off, and just found your news. (((Grace))) for sharing a little TLC with your daughter.

  • DanTheMan

    Mouthy, that is great news, I am very happy that your daughter seems to be allowing some of her humanity to poke through her JW "spiritual armor"



    I am positively GREEEEEEEN with envy for you!!!! How I wish I would be the one who would post such a thread!!!!

    Yesterday a couple of friends here in Vancouver drove me by my daughter's apartment and we made an affirmation of love and positivity to heal the relationship between my daughter and I. I was thinking later....."Which would have more affirmation of unconditional love (as mine is)?....or a jw prayer based on fear (as hers would be)???" Love wins every time, my dear Mouthy!!!

    I am so-o-o-o-o happy for you, honey!!!!

    Much love,


  • acsot

    Mouthy! I just got in, been a bit crazy around here, but as usual when logging on to this site, I look for your posts. What great news! I'm sure your daughter misses you like crazy but is so caught up with the dub rules and regulations she's too fearful to listen to what Jesus really taught about love and grace (or Grace )

    What congregation is she in? Is it an English - speaking one? Montreal or the South Shore (geez, Acsot stop asking so many questions!)

    I'm soo happy for you Mouthy! Lots of hugs!

  • mouthy

    Blondie-Im getting wiser too! Thank God
    Yizuman-I'm counting I'm counting!!!!
    jgnat- Thanks ((((hug))))
    Dantheman-Hope her armour creaks real soon
    Estee-lets pray your daughter will be next ((hug))
    Acsot- Thanks love ( ask & you will receive wink) She is in the Dorval English .Is is Lakeshore cong???

  • Simon


    I'm glad to hear you had a ray of light ... I know how much hurt long-term shunning can cause and appreciate how nice it is to get a call like that.

  • ARoarer


    I am so very happy your daughter is reaching out to you. It is so terrible what he Watchtower Publishing god does to the families associated with it. God bless you both. And Happy Easter!

  • Xandria

    (( Mouthy)),

    I do understand the simply joy of contact. What makes me so upset at this religion (if you can call it that) is that they destroy. On one hand it says, "Honor thy mother and thy father", and to "Love thy Enemy". Yet they do not show the lest amount of compassion in regards to those they are commanded to shun.

    Mouthy, I truly hope your daughter sees the light and realizes before it is too late. My Aunt shunned her son for the longest time. ( She had 8 children and he was one of the oldest). Then he died in a fire...and she could never go back and have that time lost again. She consoles herself in seeing him again. Some how I doubt that Jehovah will honor the acts of shunning.

    Even though my mother did what she did to me, I forgave and went on. It grieved me that she did not see the truth until the very end. When she was dying and really unable to change things. So I am happy your daughter is at least in contact with you. At least there is hope of a change.

    Keep holding on to that hope because with each call and contact there is more.


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