My daughter ( JW) called me today!!!!!!!

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  • Francois

    Mouthy, I'm very happy for your rejoicing. I have two children and have had trouble with one of them (drugs) and when he finally beat them, I felt like he had come back from the dead. I feel your happiness in your letter and I hope that it continues for you.


  • CC Ryder
    CC Ryder

    Dear Mouthy, I'm very happy for you that your daughter has contacted you! I hope she will stay in closer contact with you in the future. Tink and I know very well about the pressure from the WTS on our families. Your a great person with a great heart and your very appreciated here on JWD. Our thoughts and prayers will continue for you always!........((((((((((((((Mouthy)))))))))))))))


  • gumby


    I really enjoyed your shared story....and thank you. It reminded me of similar things that happend/s to me.

    After being out for 7-8 years now, it hasn't been until recently my dub sisters would allow me to come to visit or feel comfortable talking on the phone. Now they don't mind.

    The dubs are trained to think apostates will be mean, or attack their faith, or just plain talk apostate stuff to them. Sometimes we do exactly that when we are adjusting and coming out of the borg.....I did a few times. Then we move on and realize we won't say anything negative or abrasive the next time.

    My point time if we are cool, the dub family realizes we are harmless, we're not AFTER them, we love them, and that we have chosen another road. It's then they realise......your just another worldly relative.( for many it doesn't work out like this. ) The sad part is.....there not supposed to compromise and talk to us........the good part is......that they break those god-dishonoring rules.


  • LeslieV

    Dear Mouthy:

    I am so happy for you to hear from your daughter. Mom's always will love their kids regardless of the control of this silly religion. I am also sorry to hear of your loss of your other daughter. My heart goes out to you. I sure hope that she continues to at least check in on you from time to time.


  • Granny Linda
    Granny Linda

    Mouthy, I ALWAYS enjoy reading your posts. You always have a kind word to share with others, and that's something the world in general could use more of.

    I'm sooooo happy for you having heard from your daughter. Those times really can make our day even when we understand the rest. I'm sure you will savor the moment. I quit looking for "the burning bush" years ago because it dawned on me that it's moment upon moment that creates the whole. And you dear lady are a whole person filled to the brim with unconditional love. No one can really ever forget that.

    Love you,

    Granny..btw; my only child, a son, and his family will be making their major move up here where we are. I'm so excited!!!

  • qwerty


    I am rubbish at putting feelings into words.......I feel both great happiness for you but great frustration too for your situation!

    The things religion can do to a family!

    Just had a tiff (fall out) with the wife.........she's an active JW's, she would not go with me to see my DA Mum. She's in fear that someone from our old cong will see us!

    We have a good relationship, she's torn....... and as strong JW family.

    I am happy for you and hope your daughter keeps up the contact.......I hear the Borg might be trying to soften up!


  • mouthy

    Mavrick ((((((hugs)))Thanks..>. JH....I may not reach it but if I do I will remember you sent me a greeting.

    Swan (((((Tammy )))....Francois>I know how you grandson (Melanies boy)-not long did a stint in jail for the drug thing...He seems to be on the right path now( crossing my fingers -eyes- legs- any thing your supposed to cross for luck in that area...

    C.C Ryder- I really appreciate you & Tinks prayers -I believe "More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams" Gumby>Yes Gumby I am trying to remember your advice "Silence is Golden " ( about religion with them) Leslie V>Yes I am hoping also...Granny Linda>Hey! Great news about your son!!!Enjoy them.also thanks for the kind words.

    Qwerty-You say it like it is my love- thats all love can do-take wifey into your arms & tell her you understand how she wants to obey the Brooklyn fellows _ gotta love her I would have done that too...DAH!!!

  • xenawarrior

    Hey Grace-

    I'll answer your question- to keep your sentences from double spacing- when you are at the end of a short sentence and you want to go to the next- instead of hitting "enter" hit your "shift" key & then "enter" and it will take you to the next line instead of 2 lines down.


  • blondie

    Mouthy, your sharing with us was so nice. See we can get smarter as we get older and your daughter is proof.


  • Yizuman

    Well Mouthy dear, I'm glad you were able to talk to your daughter despite of everything. Count your blessings mum!


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