Apart form the JW's, has any other cult ever tried to recruit you?

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  • Ravyn

    I looked into Scientology before I even left JWs--I was curious. When I left JWs I went head first into witchcraft and studied many different traditions-including Satanism, settling on Stregheria. But I wanted to be sure and give xtianity a second chance, so I also looked into LDS(mormons)--actually was baptized because I wanted to get into the depths of what they believed rather than just the 'doorway spiel'. I liked the weirdness of it---which proved to me that it was not the xtian parts that were attractive to me. My husband had been baptized mormon as a kid during one of his parents' tangents from the Roman Church. So we were like ready to go to the Temple and eveyrthing, and probably would have if we had not moved and found ourselves in a very unfriendly 'ward'. I still regret that--I would have loved to go to one of their Temples. Lots of Masonic/ Golden Dawn-ish connections there. So then I tried to do the catholic-lite thing and we attended an Anglican Church(Episcopalian High Ritual). Very nice priest. What a great guy! But we moved again and after 5 years of sheer hell from his parents about not having a church wedding, I finally came into the Roman Church. Again--great people where I did RCIA. Wonderful wedding too---a fairytale and his parents' HAVE to leave me alone now. BUT......we moved again and so far no particular church strikes my fancy. If I have naything to do with Xtianity it will be some form of catholic. JWs turned me off protestantism and fundamentalists make me sick.

    So cults...hmmmm well...guess you could say I tried them all. Got alot of information from the Unitarian Universalists. They are the ones who made the pagan and non-xtian faiths avaliable to me. I have checked into just about everything on my list from the religion quiz at Belief Net...LOL

    Now as far as my spirituality is concerned, I consider myself now to be a 'New Age Deist Witch'. LOL

    I am New Age because I believe that supernatural, paranormal, and occult are just science yet undiscovered or unproven. I am interested in chaos and sex magick based on energy manipulation and quantum theory. I am a Deist(which in my case most resembles Satanism and is the reason why some people see me in that 'light') because I do believe in a First Cause, just not a personal 'god' or 'goddess' who requires worship and sacrifice. I do not believe in Original Sin, or sin at all. So I don't need a savior. But I do believe there are higher evoloved entities and beings and humans in our less evolved state call them angels or gods or demons. And they can and do communicate with us, for our good or evil. We are the ones who establish the polarities, not them. I am very into Edgar Cayce and his Atlantis channeling--I really believe his information about the creation of this planet and how humans came about.

    And I am a Witch. I always will be. I always have been--as a JW kid I regularly had my toys burned because of 'demons'. I have natural talent for the things most people consider out of the range of the average human. ESP, astral travel, lucid dreaming, divination, channeling, healing, etc--those types of things. I have a greater than average need for ritual in my life, but I realize the symbolism and archetypes of it, I don't lose myself in the fantasy. I have a right hand and a left hand---I see no conflict in using them both(wink wink--- just don't let one hand know what the other is doing...) By day I walk by the light of the sun, by night I walk by the light of the moon.


  • oldcrowwoman

    In 1990 my daughter left home 18 yrs old. By her leaving the nest our relationship was cut off because of me being DA'ed.

    I was in alot of pain with the shunning practises. Their was a ad in a local paper a support group for Jehovah Witnesses. I checked the group out. It turned out it was mixed with others like the Church of Christ and a couple and myself as ex-jws. A very sacrey experience they were feeding on our vulnerabilities of losses.

    They show a film on cults in the world. I was uncomfortable with it and seeing other people in the group not moving and being totally glued to the video. Felt like something sublimnal(sp) was going on. And their were people in other room with bibles. The red flags were flying.

    The leader approached me afterwards asked about my daughter and deprograming her. Fortunately I had the guts to ask. What are you going to deprogram her to? The guy refused to answer and walked away. I went into a panic and for a moment I could'nt see any doors to get out. Absolute terror.

    I told the jw couple to take care of themselves and got the hell out of their. I was paranoid for weeks for fear of my children.

    I tryed to report this group to various authorities. Dead end.

    Well just recently a co-worker left her religious cult. Wanting to connect for support. She was told of a group. I told her I would check the group out for her. Well I had been there and done that before. I decided to check them out again and ask more questions of the org. and took a advocate with me as a sounding board. She was neutral on these matters.

    I quized the leader. What org. are they ? What was their qualifications in working with others ? How they deprogram? What do they deprogram to? None of the questions were straight forward in answering. My asking the leader ?'s. He would 'nt make eye contact with me. Only to my advocate. I kept repeating ?'s. There was no way I was going to send my co-worker into this group.

    My advocate validated my feelings. To get the hell out of dodge!!

    I was recommended to connect with the Director of Counseling who specializes in cults. Shared my story. The org. is protected by the law. So their was'nt a way to have them checked out. Only reporting if their was sexual or physical abuse. The two leaders qualifications one has a degree in psycology business and the other was a co-leader AA group for prisoners!! The red flags flying high.

    The Director supported me with my feelings of not engaging with them. To let go. It was hard at first because I wanted to be this warrior woman on a horse saving others to experience these abuses.

    Fortunately I had experiences with support groups over the years. Knowing this was not a support group. To pay attention to my gut. Usually does'nt steer me wrong. Something I gained from being in therapy.


  • rocketman

    Mormons came to my door a couple years back, two female "missionaries" with whom we had a nice chat.

  • berten

    Gita on Osho:

    >...I don't know. He might be, I guess.

    Yes he is dead but it does not seem to make any difference to his followers;I heard that they still set up his empty chair in his commune in India and just enjoy the silence instead of his talks...

  • jgnat

    I never became a JW, but perhaps my early brushes with cults inoculated me. When I was a budding thirteen a fella gave me a brochure for a back-to-adam cult that strongly promoted nudity, especially bare-breasted women.

    I also subscribed to a "How to be a Yogi" correspondence course. My routine included sitting in the closet on a wool blanket (facing east, of course) and praying to an array of holy men.

  • Valis

    The Krishnas and SGI ..I like the cool pics, but niether did it for me...


    District Overbeer of the "Bohdi" class

  • Irreverent

    Before I met my wife and got involved with the jws, I dated two woman who each happened to belong to the same cult-like church. I went to one service with the first one; I was hauled up front and was the "saved one" of the week. After that, I confronted the head minister; he didn't like my confrontational attitude; and that was it. Months later, when I met the second woman and found out that she attended the same church, I broke it off before it even got started.

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    ..."The Boston Church of Christ did their best to recruit me after leaving JW's."...

    Tres. Well that is a pretty cultic cult. If youve been involved with them youve been involved in a full on experience. Run around 18 hours a day Evangelizing, then fall into a dead faint for a couple of hours before starting again. A Great way to live your life.

    SS: ..."Fresh out of the wt, the larouchians got me to go to some of their meetings. I thought i would exercise my new found freedom and explore politics."...

    They are a very nasty group. Every time I talked to any of those guys they always applied maximum psychological pressure , played "I accuse", and guilt manipulated like crazy. "Dont you CARE about your country?....Dont you CARE about your child?". Horrible people.

  • Satanus


    That's not an understatement. One of their top lieutenants, dennis speed, did a supper w the local chapter. Dennis is black, comparable to jr brown, in some ways. During the course of the evening, which was all w the purpose of motivating and bonding, he got onto to the topic of joan of arch. He voiced his desire of knowing how to produce that quality of disciple.

    Dennis, you are either a sucker, or a snake.


  • In_between_days
    i took the scientology personality test

    What exactly happens with these personality tests? What is the process, how do they use these to draw you into their cult? I have had these offered to me a few times in the city.

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