Apart form the JW's, has any other cult ever tried to recruit you?

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  • TresHappy

    The Boston Church of Christ did their best to recruit me after leaving JW's. Thank goodness they didn't succeed.

  • gitasatsangha

    I have several friends in ISKCON (Hare Krishnas). They are basically the Jehovah's Witnesses of Hinduism. Ostensibly the Hare Krishnas are a Vaishnev group, however until recently many ISKCON followers were not actually allowed into traditional Vaishnev temples in India. They aren't as hard a sell as they used to be, but they have asked me to join before. Personally I wouldn't, for a number of reasons, which have much to do about me as a person, but also a lot about them as an organization. Still, they have had all of the same scandals that the Witnesses have had and then some. (child abuse, mind control, micromanagement of its members, corrupt administration, fear tactics). Interesting thing about ISKCON is it seems to have been making a move, albeit slowly, towards normalization. I can only hope that the Witness GB does something similar for the sake of its followers.

    I tend to be eclectic relgiously, and I'm not afraid to visit or even join some religion for awhile to learn more about it. So what some people might call cults, I would be more wary of calling a cult. In my opinion (for what its worth) the word cult is an overused term, and one that is especially used by Christian fundamentalists to ward people away from other religious traditions. On the other hand, there really are some dangerous groups out ther.

  • MoeJoJoJo

    We have neighbors who are Mormons and they tried really hard to recruit us after we left the JWs, their attempt was unsuccessful.

  • Sara Annie
    Sara Annie

    Gumby, you're killin' me here!

    I think my husband belongs to the same cult...

  • berten

    Anyone remember the Rajneeshees? Or the the followers of Osho?

    I almost joined up with them,but it turned out to be just another cult,albeit one who I considered to be

    diametrically opposite to the JW's,and that was what probably attracted me to them...

  • Satanus

    Fresh out of the wt, the larouchians got me to go to some of their meetings. I thought i would exercise my new found freedom and explore politics. I read a lot of their stuff. I soon realised that they had an agenda, and ignored anything outside of it. A selective blindness/deafness.

    When i was still a teenager, i took the scientology personality test.


  • gitasatsangha

    It doesnt matter to the Rajneeshes how many Bentleys and Rolls Osho has.

  • Satanus


    Isn't he dead? I liked his book.


  • gitasatsangha

    I don't know. He might be, I guess.

  • mouthy

    I hate to admit this BUT!!! I got into the COONITES!!!! or they are also called Reidites, or the TWO By Twos . Oh stop laughing !!! They were so much like the WT I thought it must be right.. ( I still had the WT mindset) They told me God had sent them !!!!! It was women teachers!!! Men do the work of travling together... They have no churches they meet in each others homes - take communion once a week ( I didnt go that far) But they too are lovely folk.. Do anything to make a convert. Thank God I went to Pa EX JW convention met Lori Macgregor who knew all about them.... I think when I got kicked out of JWs I had "sucker " printed on my forehead....I know other still think its there. But at least I dont have to work now- nor go anywhere-dont feel guilty - can enjoy what is left of my life Knowing it aint over till the fat lady sings.....Still taking lessons.

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