Apart form the JW's, has any other cult ever tried to recruit you?

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  • TresHappy

    The BCOC wouldn't tell me who they were, we usually met in the meeting room at their apartment complex. I hung around these folks about 4 months, then I had a Bible study with one of them. She started being rude and telling me how horrible I was for not making a decision about God. I began to think same song, different method. I never phoned her again and a couple of years later I saw the girl at the grocery store who tried to recruit me. She had left also!

  • DanTheMan

    From what I know of the Boston ICOC, they are the Watchtower on steroids. Scary!

    I'm glad JW's got me before they did.

    I've never had any other cult recruiters come after me. I did work with a Mormon fella who was very cool and intelligent, ready to debate anything anytime, especially if it had anything to do with Mormonism or the political left. Of course being a staunch and typical Mormon he despised Democrats and any other left-leaning individuals. I tried to avoid him because I seem like I'm kind of a magnet for those kind of people, I guess I seem vulnerable or lonely or something.

  • DJ

    Yes, the Mormons. They have this 'other sheep' class too. They seemed like nice guys but they have some real wacko teachings.

  • Jayson

    Yep, mormons and the scientologiests. In highschool I got X credit for investigating tactics of "cults" in my sociology class. (JWs not included). I even investigated the true meaning of the burning of the cross. The mormons in the end banned me from the church for all eterinity (Long story) And as for the Scientlogists I went to a Expo they put on in LA and left my real name. I got letters from them for over 10 years after that. In the end I said then and still say now, whatever it is that makes people blindly follow social movements I seem to be immune.

    Jay (The cult of one class)

  • liquidsky

    My Husbands family is Morman, my family are Jw's. We get it from both sides.

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