Apart form the JW's, has any other cult ever tried to recruit you?

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  • In_between_days

    What are your experiences in being a target for fresh meat in a cult? Have any other cult members besides dubs ever tried to recruit you? I was sucked in once, while I was working at my store that I managed years ago a middle aged man in a suit bought an outfit from me. He complimented me on my good service and offered me an interview, for his "Retail company" , he totally made out like he was headhunting me for a legitimate job, he seemed very confident, trustworthy and proffessional - we arranged an interview, he offered to do it in me house, and thats where the alarm bells rang I suggested that I would prefer not to and we met in a shopping centre instead.

    The guy spent an hour enthusiasticly describing to me my job, which seemed very complicated, I asked him about 6 times what was it that I will actually be doing, he wouldnt give me a straight answer - in the end I worked out it was pyramid selling - I was so dissapointed, I actually thought I was going to be offered a cool job I said no, but this guy just would not literally let me go - in the end I agreed to take some tapes from him (brainwashing material) and agreed to call him back. This guy hounded me at least once a week at my shop, for months, calling all the time until I got my assistant manager to lie and tell him that I had quit.

    I was so angry and annoyed that this guy misrepresented himself so much! This scheme he was in was found in the papers to be highly illegal years later and was described a total destructive and mind controlling cult!

    Apart from dubs that was my one other cult experience. Has anyone had any similar?

  • Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.
    Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.

    How does that old saying go - "Once bitten, twice shy." Lets' hope we can learn from our mistakes.

    Cheeses did.

  • Abaddon

    I wouldn't be a member of any cult that wanted me to join.

    On the other hand, although I couldn't nor wouldn't do it for moral reasons, setting up a cult seems like a fun intellectual exercise. People are SO ready to believe and so MANY lack the analytical skills to successfully classify a pile of smelly brown stuff exiting from the rear end of a male cow as bull$hit.

    (We all suffered from this to some extent when we were Dubs)

    (Good title for a film; 'When We Were Dubs')

    A few Rolls-Royces, absolute devotion of the followers, cash-flow the size of a small city... the retirement plan can be a bit tricky though is you include that sure-fire method of cult recruitment, the coming apocalypse, to the theology you make up (Heaven's Gate etc. )

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    I havent been recruited by any cult since, but I have recruited many cults in my own cause. Various loony Adventist groups such as the "Amazing Truth", the Mormons, Assorted racist cults like the "Covenant Vision" and "Church of Israel" among them. There have also been a number of New Age groups like the "Solara" group and The "Elonias foundation". Ive also had a crack at the Amway group and variou "personal fullfillment" groups.

    Theyre all the same.

  • GermanXJW

    I was approached by some Scientologists and did a personality test. I was a JW back then, just wanted to have some first hand experience. The test result was - surprise: I need some training. I also saw a movie with Ron Hubbard. They were very aggressive in their selling, I literally had to flee.

    Funny, they even said it did not matter if I was a JW or whatever. I did not mention my religion and registered with wrong personal data. :-)

  • searchfothetruth

    I am now a fully paid up member of a cult which I don't want to escape from.

    Its called LFC and instead of a trinity of Gods you have 1 main God and he manages 11 demi-Gods.

    Of these demi-Gods one is especially worshipped and his name in Greek is O'WE~N

    You have big assembly's every week in various stadiums around the country and we have to go inside only after consuming beer and getting intoxicated.

    We then start praying when the priest blows a whistle and we shout our praises to the Gods and hurl abuse at the devils that oppose us (especially the red devils of MAN URE)

    Our prize is victory, but it is a long, narrow road to attain the ultimate prize, which in greek translates to :P'REM'IERS.HIP, and unfortunately we will have to wait another year for salvation.

    I enjoy this cult and would like to recruit you all to come worship at the mecca of football...ANFIELD

  • Country_Woman

    No I was never in another cult, but my sister told me that there where 2 man at her door, offering her (in an aggressive manner) some literature. She refused and they told her: We are not JW.'s, we are Christians....
    She still refused, closed the door actially while they were still persuding her (she never does something like that, but she started getting angry) - then she re-opens the door and told them: by the way, JW's are Christians too., which they absolutely denied.....

    Asking her which group they were from ? She did'nt know but not mormons, not from the Scientologist, not Eastern (we call them PinksterGemeente) so do you know which group is on the road too ? (and certainly no Salvation Army)

    Regards, Country_Woman

  • SYN

    Hare Krishnas. Unfortunately the person who attempted to recruit me wasn't aware that I had once been a Dub and had also done high-pressure sales for several years as a living, so I left with a free Hare Krishna prayer book. Hehehe.

  • NeonMadman

    I studied with the Seventh-day Adventists even before the JW's; the JW's pried me away from the SDA's with their arguments against the Sabbath-keeping requirement. Over the years, I've also talked or corresponded with Mormons, Christadelphians, Christian Scientists, Moonies (briefly), Armstrongites, Theosophists, Christian Identity people, etc. etc. Never even came close to joining any of those.

  • gumby

    I know of a woman who claims to be right about everything,

    She says if I do what she asks....I'll be rewarded,

    She ALWAYS knows what I am thinking and scheming,

    She can exact vengence like no other god,

    But......I'm still glad I married her!


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