if a married bethel elder calls you for sex what would you do if stalked?

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  • drwtsn32

    If a married bethel elder called ME for sex, I'd freak out.

  • topanga

    There are alot of eders & co's etc etc that are just dogs practicing their filth and threatening sisters to keep their mouths shut. Once you get to know alot of them you will be shocked to find none are intelligent. Alot of them don't read or believe the bible anymore they go along because so much of their life was spent there and they've moved up so far no one will believe anything against them.

    There is alot more to this story and once i have the proof i need i will let you all know the outcome. The first time he and his friends in these congregations attacked me i was too afraid to fight back, no one believed me and those who knew were too afraid to speak up.

    Things may be different this time.

  • JT


    at first it sounded like it could happen, but after awhile it starts sounding weak

    you see I am a Society Man and one thing i know is WT doesn't protect no ones A$$ esp if the guy is just a reg bethelite, a GB or one of the Given Ones OK i can see them perhaps but some flunky in the Convention off or Purchasing, please

    YOU SEE the problem i have with this thread is this persons is suppose to be a non-jw, which means wt would be even more concern due to the IMAGE ISSUE-

    WHEN EVERY WORDLY FOLKS REPORT A JW- THE org comes down hard cause they know they CAN'T CONTROL worldy folks who could go to the media, call in the cops etc

    but if this was a sister they at least have the person under the oversight of the org

    a nonjw like this poster would scare the hell out of the legal and service dept and they would have no problem CUTTING A BETHELITE off at the knees and the reason is simple

    any position he holds THERE ARE 500 BETHELITES Standing in line to get his OFFICE

    so this poster has started off pretty well i will admit

    but if i was a betting man , this POSTER IS A FAKE

    AND THAT is based on my 30+yrs as a jw and how the most important thing to this org is THEIR IMAGINE

    and they don't care who you are if a decision must be made between the GOOD NAME OF THE ORG OR YOUR GOOD NAME you lose

    just ask Carl , Bill, Barbara or Joe and the tons of others who were cut off at the knees



    nice try

  • topanga

    you are probably one in a million jw dogs that regularly get away things all the time and know all the ropes.

    If there are better brothers in line good!

    That sick bastard and his wife have been caught doing alot worse than that.

    The proof is coming, there are alot of married bethel elders who participate in molestation rapes stalking phone harrassment etc etc and get away with it for years.

    They wont get away with it anymore than those catholic priest who are receiving due recompense for acts long hidden in the past.

  • JT
    you are probably one in a million jw dogs that regularly get away things all the time


    well -let me share something with you my dear friend, if you had caught me a few years back i would go round the barn with you, but :

    1. since you don't know me from Adam

    2. I have no desire to argue- since i spent over 30+yr of my life arguing with folks as to whether Jesus died on a light pole or a telephone pole

    so i have no desire whatsoever to get into a "Pissing Match" with you

    and know all the ropes.

    no i don';t know ALL THE ROPES-- but the ones i do know-- i have spent the last 7yrs on the net sharing with folks so that they don't end up with that ROPE AROUND THIER NECK

    The proof is coming

    well when it comes then i will "Credit" your account, until then I will just hold onto your "IOU"

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