if a married bethel elder calls you for sex what would you do if stalked?

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  • JT

    so much great advice, - record the conversation is the easiest, telling the elders that you are going to the Police to file a staking report is great, or have the elder do a STING is real good

    -- setting up a time for him to come to your house and have the other elders in your back room and getting my man to talk about having sex would be great

    i would have him over and sit him on the sofa and ask why do you want to have sex with me, do you think i would be bettter than your wife, suppose i got pregnant, did you bring a condom, etc

    then tell him that you want to put something on SEXY AND COMFORTABLE


    YOU CAN HAVE A FIELD DAY with this jackass

  • JT

    You dont seem to concerned with his approach, if you were that bothered you would have already had a friend of yours hiding in the cupboard etc your post seems to me that your enjoying the chase ,is it a turn on for you to have an elder man chase you,are you after the forbidden fruit , i cant see him stalking you in the cinema unless you told him that you where going there ,you sound too unconvincing to me,NO I i think your playing with the board, the fact that you mentioned that you also like older men or that young men are not your scene ,you have already led him along a dangerous path its your own fault,NO i am not a j.w grow up and get on with your life.


    interesting point , in fact that is why i started my post off with an * by saying :

    If you are for real

    but her follow up post will tell us if she is for real or just pulling our chain, if she ain't it will show and if she is then she has all the advice she needs to address this issue

    at that point it will only be a matter of DOES SHE REALLY WANT TO

  • topanga

    i skipped my study last week. no im not studying with him i study with two sisters but some times one cannot make it.

    he was invited a few times and we were talking about the world and relationships and immorality. I got the feeling they were trying to find out what type i am if iam active sexually, clean or what. So of course i don't want to look immoral so i say no i don't sleep around i find guys my age are stupid and don't care about relationships just sex. I told them i d prefer older men meaning more mature but this guy has to be in his late fifties.

    when he comes to the studies he is enthusiastic, very attentive, sort of emotional and just has an exciting way of talking about the bible stories. so obviously he knows where i live and regulary witnesses in my neighborhood i think.

    He did call me which was strange i try to think what the hell did i say or do to make him think i was so loose and immoral.

    on the study we talked in depth about all the different types of people have different preferences that are immoral acts or considered fornication.

    i think i said too much. i know a great deal about what is in the world because i read and i know people that are living and working in the sex world. i guess i never thought he would be tempted being who he is. He knew many things himself for a bethelite.

  • topanga

    i dont want to have sex with him. there are literaly hundreds of young beautiful strapping men single men that i could fornicate with if thats what i wanted but it was really strange for him to do that. so far ive been peering around the corners before i turn them and looking around everywhere i go. i mentioned this to a male friend of mine who wanted to know where to find the bastard as he put it. so i think if he comes around again or is at my study my friend will come along from now on and i will have him talk to this brother on the spot.

    perhaps i should just study with another religion, or take a course in a university.

  • cruzanheart

    Be careful, honey. I was sort of stalked by a really creepy guy back when I was 18 (a LONG time ago), and it's a nasty feeling. You shouldn't have to be constantly on your guard because of a pervert. I like the idea of taping his conversation with you. Definitely get the police involved before you go to the elders because the elders may very well try to sweep it under the rug. And please be careful of this religion. They will make it all sweetness and light for you and paint a pretty picture of their "spiritual Paradise" but in reality they are like the Pharisees whom Jesus called "white-washed graves, full of dead men's bones."

    Keep us updated!



  • gumby

    I would video tape him, re-cord him and anything alse that might incriminate him......then turn it in to the scumbags he represents. He's a no good asshole. (sorry for the language, but these assbites deserve the worst.)


  • Sentinel

    If he is studying with you one on one and behaving this way, DON'T ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN AGAIN. You have a choice here. Obviously he is a deceitful person, putting on a front.

    Francois has the right idea. Tape him. Then the very next time he calls, tell him to hold on a minute, and then play the tape back to him. Then hang up. Don't say a word to him. I doubt if you ever hear from him again.

  • xjw_b12

    You're a newbie study, and you use terms like:

    He knew many things himself for a bethelite.

    Excuse my cynacism............but you're busted !

  • gumby
    topanga Re: Do You Still study The Bible?
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    ive just started the lost books of the bible and lost books of eden and the apocrypha.

    i find it comforting to read they fill in alot of gaps . but i've only just started.

    IP: gW47ftHnDE7sJgCE

    Some people like to do a lot of studying.

  • topanga

    Some people like to do a lot of studying.

    You're a newbie study, and you use terms like:

    He knew many things himself for a bethelite.

    Excuse my cynacism............but you're busted !

    I know that most JW's are seriously stupid and gullable people, but the rest of us in the world do not make a habit of rejecting knowledge.

    Yes i do read alot, i love to read, anything or topic that is well written. I have seen how destructive messing with a persons spiritual beliefs can be and how it can destroy someone. And thanks to this board and many others i understand the mental and emotional changes and sadness my mother is going through.

    you're damned right i study alot. I try to understand how things like this can legally happen in america, just because its a religious entity. How people can be so stupid as to follow them and never ask questions. I read all things, and my friends come from other religious backgrounds so i listen to them as well. you should understand why i would want to search these other books, i want to know if there is any such thing as god or was it made up just to control people.

    As I've mentioned before in other topics my mother was a JW, so i know a thing or two about them and have seen alot of devious behavior first hand.

    She let me grow up as a normal person and told me to choose for myself.

    Sometimes i think JW's and WT own this website and the other boards. Wouldn't you people have to pay them for use of the WT logos

    and direct literature Quotations? Big Asshole!!! You pissed me off!!!

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