if a married bethel elder calls you for sex what would you do if stalked?

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  • gitasatsangha

    Oh she's (he's?) pissed off now! Who will be accused of what next!

  • topanga

    Well he is at it again. I called his wife and she said someone was impersonating him. They had guest over for dinner the night i got his call, i guess they thought theyd have a little fun.

    So i called up bethel and asked for Don Adams, the president. I got the administrative staff who upon hearing the caller is Ciro Aulicino

    went scurrying around trying to find out what the deal was. There is a lot more to this story but i will go no further at this point.

    If the harrassment in my personal life, on the public streets and calls at work continue i will flood the entire web with details names etc....

    When i spoke to Ciro on the phone he faked amnesia in a high pitched terrofied voice.

    The advice given to me by the Service Dept was to send a letter as legal evidence but i will need to have proof.

    Since some of these elders are lying and claiming amnesia it may be difficult but two entire congregations witnessed these other disturbing events i have not yet gone into.

  • JT

    you have set some things into motion that now can't be stopped


  • alamb

    If this is true, and if you're disclosing everything, you need more evidence. The WT is trying to see what you have before you take it to the law.

    You need more evidence or it's a he said/she said thing. Be careful.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Why are you resurrecting an old thread? I'm having trouble believing this story.

    This doesn't feel right. Something is wrong somewhere in this.

  • topanga

    He and some of his friends have been harassing me at work, when i run into their field service groups they shout insults as i pass by.

    This elder has started calling me about sex again and so have some of his friends. It's making me physically sick to think there is nothing i can do. All WT has to do is check their phone account records, cell phone records and credit card records if they are charging calls.

    Bethel knows how to watch people and spy on them and blackmail people like professionals. If they care at all it wont take alot to pull up those records and find proof.

    witnesses have called me and let me know that they saw what happened back then and what the elders did to cover it up. My question is will they speak during an investigation?

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    You're like me, Big Tex, something is hinky about all this, and I know it.


  • SiouxWoman

    O be quite rude BUST HIS ASS. Stay away from this creep. To hell with Bethel, they will cover for him one word POLICE Best of luck dear

  • wednesday

    Well, i've been young and pretty and had CO's and DO's leering at me. I would believe that. But this man , to offer oral sex , well it sounds a bit too odd. It really does not fit an intelligent man's MO. And while there are prev's in the org, i do not believe they are this organized.

    I know u said u are leaving out some details, and wow they must be really good, b/c this story just does not sound anywhere close to real. I believe a man could be attracted to a pretty young woman, and even make a fool out of himself. But unless they just let this guy out of Belvue, your story sounds off.

    In case this is real, don't play with this nutcase. just report him and protect yourself.


  • Bendrr
    Why are you resurrecting an old thread? I'm having trouble believing this story.

    This doesn't feel right. Something is wrong somewhere in this.

    Hey Tex, does the name "Danni" sound familiar? Mike, who's got some alarm bells going off as well.

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