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  • SheilaM

    Today on Montel he is discussing a subject I just did a speech on yesterday. It's about the medication of children for ADHD.

    Did you know:

    1. That Ritalin is a class II drug and is on the same as cocaine.

    2. ADHD is subjective you should as a parent choose their own doctor.


    4. There are links between violence and Ritalin ie; Columbine and most school shooters had "ADHD"

    5.Teachers and school officials do not have the time to teach a normal happy active child, in many cases the same teachers "find that their students have ADHD">

    6. Kurt Cobain was on Ritalin and they have found a strong link between drugging your child with psychiatric drugs and adult use of mild altering substances.

    7. Suicide is common in children on Ritalin and others drugs

    8. Addal? on sp Was NOT MADE FOR ADHD it was first manufactured for weight loss when it didn't sell they did some cursory tests and then marketed it for children.

    The stories today were as horrible one little girl was up to 250mgs of a substance not made for a child, she had a seizure at school. Her Mother picked her up took her to the doctor she convulsed and her heart stopped.

    The other family was charged with child abuse for NOT DRUGGING THEIR son. Their son had seizures peti mal and if you give them speed it could kill them.

    The doctor today called it "kiddie cocaine" and has many of the side effects of cocaine.

  • funkyderek

    ADD and ADHD are made-up diseases. Ritalin is used by many parents in place of attention and exercise.

    http://www.adhdfraud.org /

  • dottie

    I think that Ritalin and other drugs are a horrible thing to use on a child. Why is it that now...in this day and age there are so many children with "ADHD" or "ADD"?? When I was say 7 (20 yrs ago) no one even had heard of ADD or ADHD. If there was a hyper kid...he was just a hyper kid. No meds, no fancy diet, no fancy diagnosis, maybe he would have a special ed. class...but that is about it.

    IMHO, these so-called childhood disorders are an excuse for people not properly disciplining their children. I am not talking about "hitting" a child...I am talking about punishment and following through with it, consistancy, if you will. As well, do you not think that the drug companies are perpetuating these "diseases" by pushing their meds down the throats of not just the consumer, but the prescribing doctor as well?

    Did anyone see the episode of Dateline or 20/20 where they were talking about kids stealing or buying ritalin to use like cocaine? (they were crsuhing it and snorting it) Yes....kids get high on that now just like every other damn thing out there...pretty freakin scary if you ask me...the things that kids can get their hands on just to catch a quick buzz

    Just my 2 cents...spend it how you chose...


  • funkyderek
  • xjw_b12

    SheilaM Thanks for posting that info.

    Our youngest son is a happy, healthy, boisterous kid, and ever since Grade 2, his teachers have talked to us about his inability to sit still for long, and become a distraction to the class. All of these teachers have never come out directly and said that he thought he was ADD. (now the've added the hyperactive term....brother) What they did say to us, is they suggest we take him to a doctor. I knew exactly what they were getting at, and it made me angry.

    Part of the problem, is he finished his assignments quickly, and then is just plain bored. Another problem I believe is the inability of the teachers to administer discipline. I know myself when I was his age, I was in somewhat the same boat, and after numerous warnings from my teacher, I was sent to the principals office, and I got the ol' belt across the hand. The humiliation of being sent to the office, never mind the stinging on my palm was more than enough to behave myself..........until the next year anyways.

    Very scary stuff that Ritalin, especially when it is used as a pacifier, more for the teacher's benefit than for the student. Thanks to the drug companies for turning our kids into drug addicts before the age of 10, and never having to deal with those nasty street peddlars !

  • SixofNine

    Ritalin works wonders in some cases.

    Please use intelligence in discussing all matters. Thank you.

  • Mystery

    SixofNine is correct.

    SheliaM you said that you just spoke on this subject. What do you do?

    I am in a huge dilema regarding my son. I need assistance if you are knowledgable in the area.

    Thank you.

  • LyinEyes

    Thanks SheilaM, I have read these things you have posted when I thought we might have to put our youngest son on meds.

    I can assure you that there is such a thing as ADD, ADDH, as sure as I can tell you there is PTSD, and OCD, all of which my 8 yr old son has and has had since he was 3,,,,,,,, Most of you know his story, but in case you dont' the short version: Born 2 months early, one lung deformed due to fluid pushing up on it in gestation, urinary blockage before birth, he has asthma, chronic lung diease and kidney damage. The doctors say the ADD could have been caused by lack of oxygen to the parts of the brain that control self control, he had many times , pneumonia, chronic respritory distress and almost died because of lack of oxygen all durning his first 3 years of life.

    The OCD and PTSD are just by products of all the surgeries, hopstials, pain, and suffering he went thru just to live in those formidable first years.

    We to this day struggle with him and do the best we can to use behavior thearpy and good old fashioned parents are the boss and you can behave and you will..........logic.

    We have choosen not to go with the Ritilin because of the things I read about it, some of the things SheilaM mentioned. THere are so many more, including, that it can affect your red blood count or the white blood count cant remember now, and could case stunted growth.

    But let me tell you , there have been many, many times, i reconsidered putting him on it,but always decide not to.

  • freedom96

    I am suprised at the rather strong words used by some who just posted on this subject.

    I question when people are so determined in their responses that they know all the facts. Suggesting that the parents just don't know how to dicipline is absurd.

    I will take some offense, because I have had some experience in this. One of my best friends has just started taking it. He has had trouble remembering things, staying focused, and it has worked amazingly well for him.

    I have a personal example of two children, raised the same, and one does have a form of ADHD. It is NOT a case of parents not knowing how to dicipline. Those who say that are hugely misinformed and ignorant of all the cases and reasons.

    Does that mean that always are the teachers or doctors correct? No. I am sure that there are those who are looking for the easy way of doing things, so they suggest that the child take Ritalin.

    For those who don't know, there are about 20 different medicines/ drugs other than Ritalin, that accomplish the same thing. Ritalin is not always prescribed.

    I have seen first hand a child that no question needs help focusing. Very bright child, who's ability to learn is great, but has a problem with getting distracted. Has nothing to do with getting diciplined.

    To suggest that the listed drugs are causing kids to be violent, to be suicidal, I suggest that one looks at the whole statistics, and realize that in a group of "normal" kids, there are still the percentage that are violent, disagreeable, suicidal. These statistics quoted are very slanted, for the sole purpose of that arguement.

    Talk show hosts will pick topics likely to create a stir, for ratings. That is a fact. And they don't always show both sides to the story.

    I encourage ALL to find out ALL the facts before stating something to be 100 % accurate.

    Once again, to label all kids who "suffer" from this as being bad kids, or perhaps having bad parents is absolutely absurd.

  • bittersweet

    Thank you sixofnine.

    ADD, and ADHD, are real. Are too many kids who don't have it diagnosed with it? Yes. Are too many kids on medication for it? Yes.But it is certainly unfair to lump it all into one group.

    If you had a child who struggled in school every day of his life, maybe you would feel differently. To have a child who is so distracted that he can't pay proper attention in class is sad. When that same child comes home to do his homework, and it takes him three times as long to do his work ( thus missing out on all the fun stuff after school ), it can be extremely discouraging. When you have tried for years to help this child without medicating him, yet the problem just gets worse as the years go on, are you saying that it is wrong to look into medicating this child? Would you prefer this child, who struggles every day, to not get relief and help that some medication can provide? A child who goes through this every day of his life, feels very discouraged when those around him make it look so easy. It can have a terrible effect on one's self-esteem. Many kids who don't get help, give up completely.

    So when discussing this in the future, it would be nice if you wouldn't lump every child who has these issues into one group. There are always two sides to every story.

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