Should the US & Canada use the same currency?

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  • jelly

    I can’t see any real value of the US and Canada switching to a common currency. The economic situation between the US and Canada is not similar to that of France, Germany, etc.

    If I remember correctly the main stated reasons Europe switched to the Euro was to help large European multinationals deal with exchange rate difficulties, and to create an economic bloc roughly the size of the US, Canada, and Mexico. For example, if Airbus in France purchased an engine from Germany at eight in the morning it could cost 1000 francs but by noon, the same engine could cost substantially more or less depending on the variations of the two countries currency value. This kind of financial variation makes financial planning difficult.


  • Valis

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    District Overbeer

  • jgnat

    Heck, if we are to go to one currency, we should include Mexico. To have one currency, though, we would need one bank to set the rate. Are Mexico and Canada ready to hand over their autonomy to the US? Even if it is just on paper?

    I don't think so.

    Besides, our money is much more colourful.

  • Valis
    hand over their autonomy to the US? Even if it is just on paper?

    eh know I would be a benevolent dictator...All I ask for is beer from Canada and Mexico...if that happens then no one gets invaded with JWs...fair enough? I was thinking of kicking them out of the country anyway and now I know just where to send the lot of them! Ehehehhh....I will be waiting for my beer..


    District Overbeer of the "Despotic Beer Regime"..class

  • dottie

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    Dottie...of the wanting an Overbeer for PM class

  • Valis

    *LOL* might have better luck getting the canadian District Overbeer elected...he would probably have free beer every day...I present your next vialbe candidate for Prime Minister........Brother Beans! he's got my vote...*LOL* Besides I want to be Supreme Emperor of the Americas...not just some Prime Ministerial Servant..


    District Overbeer

  • Don Smith
    Don Smith

    The US should adopt the the Canadian currency for the following practical reasons .

    You can readily see the colour of our money , each denomination the 5 , 10 , 20 , 50 ,100 is a different colour . Also the currency amount of each bill is 4 to 5 times larger than the US bills . I also believe our bills are more difficult to counterfeit

    Additionally we went to the looney $1and the tooney $2 because it saved us big bucks in not having to reprint the old bills .

    Some may not be aware the at one time you had a Canadian in your Minting Dept ,high enough up who was pushing for the colour of your money .

    As far as exchange , we live in Aldergrove B.C. and are 4 miles from the US border and buy dairy products on a regular basis even though the canadian currency is worth .$.72 cents compared to the US $1.00 But that should change with the huge deficit being run up by the present and who knows that the Canadian dollar may be worth $1.10 compared to $1.00 US which it was at one time when i was growing up.

    Time will tell Don

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