Should the US & Canada use the same currency?

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  • blondie

    Wow, Frank, now that is some money that has some real value!


  • JH

    That's great. Mouthy now has her license plate and a 2 dollar bill all for her.

  • mouthy

    Oh you guys make me rotfl..... Blondie how sweet.Thanks!!! Frank !!! the way you tease me is unblievable.Ray you were the one that put it in Franks head... Well you made my day LOL

  • foreword

    Simon, lol, I think you might have just changed the name of the 2 dollar coin. If Can. get to hear about it, they might just adopt that one.

    You got admit, not everyone get's to see the queen's bear behind.

  • rocketman

    Valis on a bill....oh my.


    Hey Frank, JH: I think we're on to something here.

    Having Mouthy on our money, and on our license plates seems like a novel idea.

    Our money will be worth MORE, because Mouthy is priceless, and valuable.

    License plates: YOURS TO DISCOVER - well...she's probably one of the best things about this province, so it's befitting.

    Valis can be our honourary Canadian; we'll put him on the $3 dollar bill.


    A Mooney???...A bears ass???...LOL!!..Simon you`ve visited too many times,your turning Canadian.....OUTLAW


    Yes OUTLAW, this observation has been made by many of us dyed in the wool Canucks re: Simon

    But let's make NO mention about beavers.

  • Simon

    he he ... "My name is Simon and I ... AM ..."

  • Max Divergent
    Max Divergent

    Hi Pleaseuredome - That's not actually the case that the Australian Dollar is fixed against the USD.

    The AUD (which is used by several Pacific countries as legal tender), like the currency of most (all?)first world economies, floats in value against any given currency depending on the whims of the currency markets.

    It was floated as part of the economic reforms of the early-1980's known here as Economic Rationalisim, in the US as Reganomics and the UK as... somthing including Thatcher's name...


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