What TV shows were forbidden in your JW household?

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  • stillin
    I didn't want my teenagers to watch Debbie Does Dallas or Deep Throat
  • Heaven
    Happy Days.
  • MarkofCane
    Happy Days, that was a great show, The Fonz, 'hey', My mom would say he was a man slut. lol
  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen
    .I remember one circuit overseer going on and on about how evil they were because some sister supposedly had murdered her husband and soap operas gave her the idea.

    Absolutely impossible that reading the bible gives anyone the idea to murder someone....right? RIGHT??

  • Heaven

    MarkofCane said: Happy Days, that was a great show, The Fonz, 'hey', My mom would say he was a man slut. lol

    MoC... 'man slut' ... yep, this is exactly the reason we were forbidden to watch it.

    Funny enough, we were ok to watch Star Trek (the original series).

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    I remember Happy Days being included in an assembly talk way back when as an example of wholesome entertainment, go figure.

    Anyways, in my family, Disney fairy tale films, Star Wars, most children's films with a hint of 'badness' in it . . . the list goes on and on without consistency. The point is if it was something that the adults liked and it was 'bad', than it was aok. For instance, numerous PG-13 and even R rated movies watched with me and other young ones in the family. And that was okay because they chose it. 😲

  • Vidiot

    It was weird in my house.

    There were some shows that weren't allowed that you would have thought would have been, and others that were allowed that you would have thought wouldn't.

    As I got older, I started to clue in that - at least with my parents - it was more a case of what was age-appropriate rather than ideology-appropriate.

    There was plenty of stuff my dad was willing to watch with me after I'd grown up that he wouldn't have otherwise... we became, in effect, movie-watching buddies.

    And he would laugh his ass off every time The Simpsons was on.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Oooooh I've got a good one:

    Sesame Street.

    My mother would make me turn off Sesame Street when "the Count" was on because he was a vampire and vampires drink blood which makes Jehovah sad.

  • millie210
    Does anyone remember ET being mentioned in an Awake?
  • 3rdgen

    Casper the Friendly Ghost

    Twilight Zone

    Anything Patriotic

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