What TV shows were forbidden in your JW household?

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  • burnedout
    Miami Vice
  • Gorbatchov

    It took a long time before we got a color TV, in my youth years we had a small b/w Zanussi micro TV.

    I remember my father forbid me to watch Billy Joels Goodnight Saigon music video and of course the popular Dutch youth TV serie about the Wizzard Tita Tovenaar.

    For me then a big issue, now in reprospective it is a minor issue.


  • done4good

    Most were OK, but by 1985, (I was already watching it for 4 years by then, mind you), my mother claimed MTV was not allowed. No exceptions. She always had strange peeves about certain things, and not others, and stubborn as hell when she did take a position against something. We had some blow out arguments over this...

    She was also a closet soap addict and loved Dallas back in the day...


  • ShirleyW

    My mother told me that at one of her Circuit Assemblies, this is going back almost 20 years that one of the assholes giving a talk (my words not hers) managed to work in The Simpsons into his talk and said that Dubs shouldn't really be watching the show since Bart obviously does not show respect to his father . . . pukeworthy, I know.

    Funny thing is that was one of the few shows on TV that my mother enjoyed, and as much as an UberDub as she was I don't think she stopped watching

  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic

    Power Rangers

    The Simpsons

    Bewitched (oddly I Dream a Genie was okay though)

    Dawson's Creek

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    90210 (not that I wanted to watch it)

    And couldn't watch Star Trek TNG when it first aired

  • Lostwun

    The Simpsons



    Married with children

    Buffy the VS

    You name it. Although my parents secretly watched martin even though we werent allowed.

  • Lostwun
    Oh yes I forgot about power rangers!! Ooh that used to make me so mad it was forbidden cuz I was in love with the red one lol
  • talesin
    And couldn't watch Star Trek TNG when it first aired

    Oh, that is just wrong.



    daytime soaps (parents called them 'whore' stories)

    Roadrunner and Wile E.Coyote (too violent)


    The Brady Bunch (huh? too normal?)

    American Bandstand or Soul Train

    The Outer Limits

    Rod Serling's Night Gallery

    Twilight Zone (haha, I lived in the Twilight Zone)

  • Simon

    I don't remember there being things that were "banned" but the lack of taste in our family was annoying - they would turn over from Blackadder or Monty Python (deemed "unfunny") and watch "Terry and June" instead. Anyone in the UK will know what utter drivel, formulaic "comedy" that was.

    The other annoying thing was missing Red Dwarf because they'd stay later after the meeting to chat. Argh!!!

    The funny thing is we haven't really set any limits on what the kids are allowed to watch but they make good choices and know what things are "inappropriate" or at least politically incorrect (often why things are funny). I think the JW upbringing doesn't let you discover that for yourself which can be a handicap.

  • talesin
    they would turn over from Blackadder or Monty Python (deemed "unfunny")

    My parents didn't 'get' MP, so it was allowed. I may have been about 12, but I'll never forget "Oh, intercourse the penguin!" ahahaha

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