No Bible = No God?

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  • Finkelstein

    No bible = no Hebrew god or Christian god,

    There are hundreds of gods envisioned throughout human history, mostly originated due to human ignorance of the world in which we live and had to endure..

    Logic always follows reason which leads and compiles the accepted truth.

  • ttdtt

    No I cant believe in any god anymore.

  • ttdtt

    Perry, how could God create time?
    Didn't he have duration prior?

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    I have no need to believe in a creator, while believing the Bible is just production of man's psyche. Quote from C G Jung book "Answer To Job" :

    "The absence of human morality in Yahweh is a stumbling block which cannot be overlooked, as little as the fact that Nature, i.e., God’s creation, does not give us enough reason to believe it to be purposive or reasonable in the human sense. We miss reason and moral values, that is, two main characteristics of a mature human mind. It is therefore obvious that the Yahwistic image or conception of the deity is less than that of certain human specimens: the image of a personified brutal force and of an unethical and non-spiritual mind, yet inconsistent enough to exhibit traits of kindness and generosity besides a violent power-drive. It is the picture of a sort of nature-demon and at the same time of a primitive chieftain aggrandized to a colossal size, just the sort of conception one could expect of a more or less barbarous society–cum grano salis."

  • ElderEtta
    Cofty: The wastefulness and cruelty of life argues strongly against a designer

    Not necessarily that statement implies that a Creator must be a god moral and must be perfect which is not necessarily the case look at Apple the company and other wonderful designers who are neither moral nor perfect

  • Finkelstein

    In view of the fact that this supposed god creator let a huge asteroid hit the earth killing just about all living things is indicative that this Creator has left the building and doesn't care what happens here on this earth or humanity.

  • cofty
    that statement implies that a Creator must be a god moral and must be perfect which is not necessarily the case - ElderEtta

    This highlights the pointlessness of vague questions about 'god'. First define god and then we can talk.

    Let's deal with gods one at a time. 'Natural Evil' proves that the god of xtian theism does not exist.

  • Perry

    Hi P of N,

    How have you been?

    "the problem with it all is proving it in a demonstrable way."

    I think the notion of the "beginning of time" is reasonable based upon observations of the universe and that time has a limit on how far in can run in reverse.

    Backwards clock running out of time

    "The conclusion of this lecture is that the universe has not existed forever. Rather, the universe, and time itself, had a beginning in the Big Bang" - Stephen Hawkins

  • ttdtt

    Perry, yes it is reasonable. Belief in god is not for me personaly.
    I really wish I could, because it would make getting old and the thought of death much easier.

    The whole no beginning or a beginning is all freaky and hard to fathom either way.

    Hey there are 2 GREAT books I am reading over and over and over about TIME.
    I think you would like them. You can be an atheist or believer and equally enjoy them as well.
    I HIGHLY recommend them if Time is interesting to you.

    Now - the physics of time

    and Time Reborn -

  • punkofnice

    Perry - How have you been?

    Okay thanks. My daughter now lives in Canada which is a bit far from here, the UK.

    All this 'beginning of time' stuff sounds a bit airy fairy to me. I'm a down to earth bloke. The thing is, we can discuss that back and forth but it doesn't mean a thing in the reality of the now. The beginning of time (if time wasn't an abstract concept to explain things not happening all at once), still doesn't demonstrate an intelligent prime mover that exists outside of our own concept of time.

    Nuff respect to you and your belief but it just doesn't work for me.

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