Hello, I am Vivamus' Mum and new to the board

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    Hello Country Woman (Vivamus' Mom), welcome to the forum.

    Hope you'll keep an eye on your wayward daughter...you know...hanging out with all those 'apostates'.

    Best wishes.

  • Country_Woman

    Gumby, This is the first time that anyone ever calls me a "little doll" but it sounds very pretty. I have to disappoint you: I am nearly 1.75 meter (used to be 1.78 meter, due to my age) (but I got the message) "I'm the one who told Viv I wanted to go dancing with you.....but you live so darn far away! She IS a doll and I'll bet you are too. " So sorry to read this: Viv told me and actially it did the trick that I want to tell things for myself on this forum. You are so right about thinking and search for yourself - and this (posting and meeting) is so nice..... And second granny ?? I do have the age but Viv is my only daughter and she has no children yet (or even an onoffial husband) so that has to wait for a while. much regards, and again thank you very, very much. Country Woman

  • onacruse

    Well, hello there to you too, Aunt Margriet!

    So, tell us, was Matty a little terror as a kid? Inquiring minds want to know.


    hehe, just saw Matty's post below...a slight revision:

    So, tell us, was Viv a little terror as a kid? Inquiring minds want to know.


  • Matty

    Oops, I should have explained - Margriet is Viv's auntie, not mine. I met Margriet when I went to the Netherlands last year.

  • somebody

    Just caught this post and I want to welcome Viv's mom/Country Woman!

    Does this mean we can all call you MOM?

    Welcom Country Woman and hope you stick around.

    Your daughter is one hellofah strong woman. ( hi Viv. ((((((((viv))))))))) ) I adore her!



  • Latte

    Welcome Viv's Mum!

    Your daughter is so cool! Hey...she hangs out here - with some very nice people!

  • beckyboop

    (((((((((((((((((((((((Welcome to Country Woman and Aunt Margriet)))))))))))))))))))))))

    It is so great to see you both on here--and I'm sure Viv is thrilled! I hope you enjoy what you find here, because you are free to read and do whatever you want. Although I have never met Vivamus yet, I have always enjoyed her posts and the joy she brings to the boards. I hope to meet you all someday soon when we come to Amsterdam.


  • gumby
    I am nearly 1.75 meter

    Ok ...so what does that mean....remember, I live in the U.S.?

    Thanks for your reply.


  • Reborn2002

    Although I spend very little time here anymore, I noticed this thread while perusing the more recent topics and wanted to respond.

    Welcome Country_Woman. You raised a beautiful and intelligent daughter who is very brave for standing up to the JW's on her own accord despite ridicule and hardship. I am sure you are very proud.

    Again welcome, and may your stay on this board broaden your insights on the overabundant hypocrisies and contradictions found within JW doctrine that expose the religion for the vile cult it truly is.

    Vivamus is well informed, perhaps you could discuss some of these things with your own daughter. Again I welcome you.

  • Country_Woman

    Gumby, just that I am a tall woman. I searched the conversion tables and found that 1 metre = 3.281ft which make 1.75 metre 5,74175 ft. (which means nothing to me at all - remember, I'm Dutch) till next time, Country Woman

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