KH hall 4 sale just whose waters are supposed to be drying up again?!

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  • pepperheart

    then what?

    they keep on selling kingdom halls off

    and if the local people dont like it TOUGH

    they have got two choices they can go where the watchtower says or they dont

  • joe134cd

    I guess I've been a bit spoilt today, with not only a sell off but also a congregation in Auckland New Zealand becoming half it's size. Very heart warming. I'll post the link so you can all enjoy it.

  • jwleaks

    Fire and brimstone sale. Everything must go.

    For Sale: Place of worship dedicated to the Most High God Jehovah.

    Will suit place of worship dedicated to lesser gods.

    Buy now before the end comes.

  • punkofnice

    Hopefully it'll become a more useful building like a stripper bar.

    So much for dedicating it to their imaginary trademark god.

  • slimboyfat
    It was just 3 years ago when the WTS rolled out their traveling all-star dog-n-pony PowerPoint slide show to all elders across the USA with promises of how many thousands (yes, thousands) of Kingdom Halls were going to be built in a short period of time
    Now, instead of building new Kingdom Halls, they are merging congregations into super-sizers and selling Kingdom Halls.

    Don’t worry the collapse deniers will be along any moment with an explanation. It’s all part of a plan. The Society has never been better off.

  • lastmanstanding

    I think that instead of a de-dedication ceremony the elders should just profane the sanctuary at closing.

    Sure... they can gather for an elder’s meeting and after giving prayers they can urinate on the platform in unison.

  • Normalfulla

    Does anyone have a consolidation of numbers from around the globe of just how many halls have been sold vs built?

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad
    Does anyone have a consolidation of numbers from around the globe of just how many halls have been sold vs built?

    It would be nice if someone could link us up with WT's real estate department's list of Kingdom Halls either sold or currently on the market.

  • Dunedain

    We should have a dedicated thread, in where each of us can list the area, or areas that we personally know what Halls have sold, are for sale, and which ones have been consolidated.

    I am sure there are enough of us on this board to represent most states, and cities in America, and Canada and England. Any other countries would just be gravy. Then by everyone contributing what they know about the Hall sale/merging in their areas, we would have a nice "chart" to be able to see the decline.

    I for one, can say that the Hall i grew up in, in one of the boroughs of NYC, i might add, has indeed merged with another Hall. This happened about a year ago. Go back 35 years ago, and the Hall was bursting at the seams, so much so that the congregation SPLIT into 2 FULL congregations.

    NOW, fast forward 35 years later and those 2 same congregations have merged BACK together to form 1 Hall. Its attendance of both congregations recombined again, now equals LESS than what 1 of the 2 Halls was after they split all those years ago.

    The fact that these 2 congregations, in a VERY populated city as NYC, where the populations are INCREASING, had to merge back into 1 congregation is very telling. There used to be 2 full, of 12 brothers EACH, Elders bodies. Now after BOTH congs merging, the dont even make up barely a full Elders body. Its a joke. The attendance is VERY down, and they are dropping like flies.

    Again, we should all list what we know of our areas, and former areas, and maybe make a chart, and REALLY see what Halls are selling and being disbanded, and i guarantee it will be VERY telling indeed.

  • freddo

    Could Simon give us a "sticky" Hall closure/merger thread?

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