KH hall 4 sale just whose waters are supposed to be drying up again?!

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  • never a jw
    never a jw

    No sales here yet (Burbank and the east side of San Fernando Valley in Southern California), but consolidations definitely are taking place. My wife's congo gone. My brother in law's congo gone too. Just a matter of time and kingdom halls will be gone too. Praise the Lord.

    It was 12 years ago the Watchtower sold an assembly hall for several million dollar located in an expensive area (Woodland Hills) and the brothers and sisters were given a cheap hall where the land is cheap too (likely under a million the whole thing) 70 miles away.

  • pepperheart

    And all this is after many years of cuts in the watchtower as well.

  • Vidiot

    Goddamn, it seems like KHs, AHs, and Branch Offices are being closed/sold off on an almost monthly basis at this point.

    Oh, yeah, the Org is doin' just hunky-dory...

  • dbq407

    I know of a few in eastern iowa/illinois also that are being sold off/closed. Dewitt ia, rumor has it Anamosa ia is closing too, savannah ill a few years ago, galena ill about 6 years ago, manchester ia, platteville wi. These are just the ones i can think of over the last ten years and all within a 60 mile radius.

  • no-zombie

    In the world's most isolated capital city of Perth Western Australia, congregation mergers and Kingdom Hall sales are occurring too. A recent one to go, was the hall for Embelton Congregation, bought for AU$2.1 million by Hindus which is to be renamed into a new temple.

  • SnakesInTheTower

    Go to the Borg site. There is a search feature to find locations.

    I just found no listing for Vandalia, IL. I knew Litchfield closed while I was still in back in the mid 2000s.

    Also, Mattoon, and Meredocia. Weirdly, Beardstown, a town of 6123, has an English, Spanish, AND French.

    Go fuc#ing figure.


  • nonjwspouse

    The rapid sale of hard assets is always a big red flag that a company is failing. They may look well off on paper in cash, but those assets are sold once. Once that sale money is spent, there is nothing to replace that, unless the sale of the asset was put into more productive/valuable assets. With the WTBTS I see mainly selling, and a few purchases that cold be considered more valuable. A few, not enough to counter all the sell offs IMO.

  • Crazyguy

    These people know that they may loose some big lawsuits over child abuse so sell off as many properties as possible and then invest the profits in some other real estate that’s not to easy to locate as JW properties as well as put them in another corporation so as to not identify with Watchtower.

    Lets also not forget that during a video a JW leader mentioned they had records on most of their publishers in the US minus 400,000. He goes on to state that this is just an over site and they hope to collect this missing data but I’m willing to bet that most of these 400,000 missing publishers don’t exist.

  • pepperheart

    The good news is that this is going to continue because the people at bethel will always want to keep feeding their own bellies and have some where to live,so they will keep on selling the local kingdom halls off and in doing so making the watchtower a more and more online cult where they dont have any actual buildings just the web

  • Badpenny

    Here is something I posted about a year ago. It relates to your observation. I have thought about this and come to almost the same conclusion. The organization as we have known it has already undergone radical changes and within the next few years will no longer exist. They will no longer be a "religion" but rather an "online religious organization" with their new brand being "JW" in effect retains the "Jehovahs Witnesses" label so there will always be a connection to that name. Thus the rank and file will go along with the gradual ascendancy of the badge. As they continue to shift away from printing literature to online videos, electronic media, etc, there will be less and less need for volunteer workers and staff at head quarters. As we know, this reduction has already begun. Looking at videos of Warwick suggests to me that this place is has been developed as comfortable retirement community for members of the governing body, long time Bethel staff (the so-called helpers of the GB), high profile Bethelites, and long time COs and DOs with the right connections. Perhaps also some members of the WT Corporation directors who have been heavy financial contributors. Think too of WT lawyers, doctors, an other professionals who have been willing to sacrifice their "worldly" careers to serve the interests of WT. These guys are going to make sure they "get theirs" and are taken care of. Guys in the legal department and others involved in WT finances, I think are probably already maneuvering WT funds to make sure there is enough money to take care of themselves for the rest of their lives. And so increasingly we will see the sale of WT properties so as to accumulate enough to care for their needs and comforts while at the same time paying off law suits. As for the local congregations, there will be a gradual decline in the number of Kingdom Halls as they will be sold off with the proceeds going to the Society. More and more congregations will be combined even if it means the people will have to travel longer distances to attend meetings. From what I understand this is already happening in some areas. The Society will show no concern for inconveniencing people. They will not be concerned with the resultant decline in meeting attendance. The primary concern of the leadership will be their own survival and comfort. Over time, the rank and file will come to be regarded and will see themselves not as "members of the Jehovahs Witnesses" but as 'affiliates of'. The relationship will be similar to the relationship of the members of Scientology with their organzation.

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