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  • Sabin
    I'm a naughty girl, I love it, it makes me laugh & I love to laugh. Life is so serious, not enough smiles I think. My husband got me a new toy, it's the fart gun from Despicable Me. I ran around the shop pointing it at people, you should of seen the look on kid's faces it absolutely cracked me up. I run around the house with it to, it truly is brilliant. I always want to go to the toy section & press all the buttons on the mechanical toys. When we go to Mac D's we get frappe, I suck all the cream & chocolate sauce of the top then give my hubby the rest cause we usually share. My favourite topic is sex, I love it, what's not to love? so now that I don't have to abide by the J boring dub rules I want to go to a sex shop. NOT in a perverted way, but cause it's NAUGHTY. My hubby says "if i take you will you just sit in the car & refuse to go in?" which is likely cause it's really naughty like adult naughty. So I was just wondering who else on here is naughty? & has anyone been to a sex shop? Got any tips?
  • cappytan

    Sex shops are awkward but fun. Wife and I have been many times, even before we woke up.

    Online shops are cheaper though.

  • talesin

    Once you get in there, don't be shy. You're IN, and guess what? It's normal to love sex! Yes, many people buy sex props, special clothing, cuffs and such. The clerk is there to be helpful, and heck, has seen enough kinksters that NOTHING you ask or want to see will be shocking. Tell her/him it's your first time - ask for recommends if you are looking at equipment. Try on the outfits, have fun.

    Enjoy! : D


  • Sabin

    Cappytan, I did not see that coming. Isnt it funny how you get a picture in your head of someone. So your a naughty boy.

    Talesin, ask for recommendations, OMG, that cracked me up. What do you recommend?

  • talesin

    Hmmm, a copy of the Kama Sutra. A frank and open discussion of what you may be interested in trying, what you want to try. I have to admit that it's been a while - first time, I would just browse, have some fun "Check THIS out!" Laughter ensues. Have some fun with it. If you are interested in a certain type of toy or equipment, ask the clerk which is the best buy, safest, etc.

    It's all good.


  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
    just try to avoid farting while having sex. especially doggy style. although its the natural form of sexual asphyxiation. or should that be asphuctiation
  • cognac

    Omfg, this is a thread I should not have seen.... 😂😂😂😂

    hmmmmm..... Oh, my.... I've gone so far the other way with the JW thing that I'm afraid to post it online.. 😂😂😂😂

    I think it's a great idea to explore and try new things.

    Great... Now it's 3am and I'm thinking about this stuff... I need my boyfriend, lol...

  • vivalavida

    stan, I'm laughing out loud here... Yes, that's one thing you don't want happening lol.

    My first time in a sex shop looking for something for my wife was weird. They mostly cater to females, so it's full of penises looking at you from all over the place... believe me, it was a weeeirrrd feeling... but I survived and got something nice for the lady...

  • cognac

    I mean, as far as what to get... It would depend what you are into...

  • talesin

    best sexologist EVER ... she answers all questions, demonstrates positions with dolls, reviews toys and gadgets, even visited the sex museum in the US ....... check out her website. You're welcome : )


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