They Finally Did It

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  • berylblue

    Kelpie, my heart is with you.


  • born againer
    born againer

    Hi, I'd just like to say good on you for finding Christianity-I have been a Christian all my life, and Jesus has always supported me in my darkest times. I think that you were very brave to leave. I was going out with a man that I loved very very much, who split up with me becuause I wouldn't leave Christianity and become a Witness. It broke my heart, and I still hurt a lot to this day. I pray a lot, not only that I can find the strength to forgive this insane cult, but also that all the members will one day receive a big wake up call from the true God, and realise that they have been wrong and repent of what they have done and said.

  • born againer
    born againer

    That is terrible, and I hope that one day they will realise what they have thrown away so cruelly. You sound like you have the support of a great person, let that help you through it all. I have never been a jw, but I did go out with one for a while. He broke up with me and broke my heart badly because I wouldn't become a jw and leave my Christian family. I am only 19, and not only am I a Christian myself, but I am incredibly close to my parents too. I think his Mum threatened to cut him off, if he didn't split up with me. The only thing that helped me through the pain was knowing that I always had my heavenly father there with me, supporting me in the worst times. Maybe one day, you might find the true God, and come to know him and his loving ways.

    I will pray for you and your new family

    God bless x

  • unique1

    I am so sorry to hear that. It is the one thing I am super afraid of so good for you for standing up for yourself. It is your life now, you don't have to follow their rules anymore and sadly many parents don't understand taht. I think that is one thing that has turned me off about the JW's. I know if I remove myself from the congregation they will stop speaking to me. Love is unconditional. That isn't what is taught in the KH. I don't have the balls yet to stand up for myself, but knowing that others have done it helps.

    HANG IN THERE!!! Maybe your parents will realize their mistake and start talking to you once again. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  • micheal

    I am so sorry Kim. I think I should go back to everyone that I shunned in my dark past and apologize to them. It would be the humane thing to do.

  • Victorian sky
    Victorian sky

    Kim, I empathize with the pain you must be going through. Know that you have true friends here, who care about you unconditionally. You can write to anyone of us if you ever get down and when you miss your family, I hope they come to their senses. If you ever need to talk, my email is [email protected] Again, I am so sorry and I pray you'll have the strength to get through this difficult time. It's wonderful that you have a loving fiance and step children and you have us for support as well. Hugs.- Victorian Sky

  • Phil


    I know how you feel. My condition is the reverse. I am the father and my daughter was enticed to join the JW. I believe that he told her she must join the JWs or they would not marry.

    The local elders came to "visit" us from time to time. I had a good time talking to these people and got a kick out of the way they try to manouver you in their conversations. After several years, they ceased to show up. This was after a conversation with a gal when I asked if she had heard of the book called "Crisis of Conscience". She claimed she had never heard of it so I loaned her my copy as she said she would like to read it. I never saw hide nor hair of her or the book.

    I had long discussions with my daughter about the JW organization to little avail. Speaking to her was like talking to the wall. I am sure if I brought up any part of these conversations she would not even remember any part of what we discussed. This happened about 10 years ago and her feelings are still the same. Such ignorance baffles me. In my family and many of the families before me had a get together at Christmastime. This was a day when we all got together and had a good time. On the first Christmas after joining the JW my daughter went out of her way to NOT be with her biological family. This hurt her mother and I to the core. This showed that her priorities were in favor of the JW organization over her family. I find this unacceptable. I am sure that you would not have altered your priorities with your family. Make no mistake, the problem is with your family not you.

    My daughter now devotes her entire life to the org. and we see her only when she visits her JW friends in the vicinity. She never comes to see her mother and father.

    My daughter once said that there are mixed marriages among JWs and they are happy. Do you know of any? With their following the Theocratic War Doctrine, I suspect she will only lie about anything she says. She now lives in Patterson with hardly no remuneration from the organization. I don't suppose they pay into Social Security. So in retirement they are totally reliant on the JW organization. I wonder what that is?

    It is unfortunate that a break with your family must be the result of doing what you feel is best and I feel for you. If you love your family like I do my daughter the hurt never stops. You must however learn to live with it. My advice to you is: go on living your life as you see fit and always try to maintain contact with your family, even if they show no desire to reciprocate. Keep plugging away at it and never give up. They are your biologic family and nothing will change that. Not even Jehovah.

    All the best to you and your future Husband.

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    Though you love them, you obviously cannot accept a lie as truth so as to keep their favour - in other words you're living the scripture that revolves around this - you prefer truth to possession - as much as it hurts, it's the honourable thing.

    Given the opportunity, I would make clear to them that you cannot accept and agree with a lie so as to keep hold of something, even your parents - and that you are very upset that they would accept what is a lie so as to keep a hold of something.


  • crinklestein

    kelpie, you're right in that the mother and father you knew will never be back. They will always be different people from now on. Even if you made up with them things will never be the same. How could you be close again with someone that so easily cast you aside? Pathetic excuses for human beings...

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