What should we reply when invited to memorial?

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  • Dawn

    I prefer: "Thank you so much for the offer - but I think it's best to actually follow Christ's commandment and not celebrate ignoring it. Toodles and have a nice day"

    But these would be fun to:

    "I would.......but the bread sucks and it doesn't really go well with dark wine"

    "You know - it's hard to really get into a party when noone participates."

    "Can I bring my own glass? I don't like sharing with strangers........"

    "I really don't enjoy re-runs"

    "I have plans at that time - how 'bout you stop over afterward and we can have our own celebration?"

  • bluesapphire

    LOL at Dawn's comment: "I really don't enjoy re-runs"

    hehehehehe I'm going to tell my husband to add that into his reply.

    Hi there Sam! I don't know exactly when it is. I'm sure I'll find out soon enough though.

  • Prisca
    "Can I bring my own glass? I don't like sharing with strangers........"

    LOL, I like that one.... I can just imagine my sister's reaction if I said that!!

  • czarofmischief

    My mum was bugging me about this earlier this week - I don't know how to say no.

    How about "no."

    Hm. It'll be the first memorial I've ever missed in a quarter of a century...

    How about "I'd rather spend eternity wearing button-down plaid shirts and raking leaves while hugging koala bears." Oh wait, that's our fate if we DO go...


  • Ravyn

    when it looks like a JW is coming up your walk to invite you to the Memorial have your husband draw a quick '666' and pentagram on your forehead with a washable marker.....

    then tell them yes you would be glad to come--do they need anymore black candles? you got plenty of extras, you could bring them if they want?

    (this works well for JWs in service too-even better if you answer the door naked)


  • Farkel

    Dub: "Would you like to come to this year's Memorial?"

    Un-Dub: "Uh, how many people (partakers) will be at this year's "Celebration(tm)" of the Memorial?"

    Dub: Probably no one.

    Un-Dub: Well, deleted it, then. It's not a celebration of anything. It's stupid!

    Dub: God will kill you, then.

    Un-Dub: deleted him, too.


  • rebel

    I told my husband "No thanks - I'll be watching Coronation Street."

    He was NOT amused!


  • GermanXJW

    The local PO told me he would be happy to see me at the memorial and at the forthcoming circuit assembly.

    My reply was: "Aha." ;-)

  • NeonMadman

    "I can hardly think of a better way for Satan to make a mockery of the Lord's Supper than to pass around emblems representing the body and blood of Jesus Christ and have everybody refuse them - can you?"

  • Fire Dragon
    Fire Dragon


    You guys CRACK ME UP!!!

    If I did go (which you couldn't pay me to) I'd sit on an end chair. That way I can leave right after I hock a loogie in the wine!

    Fire Dragon

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