What should we reply when invited to memorial?

by bluesapphire 43 Replies latest jw friends

  • borgfree

    I was asked by a person at work tonight to go to the memorial. I told her if I went I would sit beside her and I would be taking the bread and wine. She said that would be my decision. I said , but you would be embarrassed, she admitted she would.

    I told her there was no way I would pass the bread and wine without partaking, that I would not reject our Lord by just passing the emblems. She dropped the subject.


  • RedhorseWoman

    Well, I suppose you could always ask them if there will be an Easter Egg hunt after the talk, and will they be serving Marshmallow Peeps?

    Of course, they'll think you're insane, but it should get you off the hook.

  • cruzanheart

    Mmmm, Peeps . . . .


  • avishai

    I'd say, "Sure!" Then I'd show up w/ the UN documents, or court testimony from a molested jw child ironed on the back of my dress shirt.

  • DJ

    Hi Blue Saphire,

    Most likey his mom will respond with......" Jesus said to do this in rememberance of him" I think you must have a good comeback for that. I just told my mom years ago, that I could stay home and still not eat crackers and not have to get all dressed up. Last year when my sister invited me, I thanked her for her invitation and responded in kind with an invitation for her to attend services at my church. That "church" word did it. She never asked again. Tell your hubby to stay calm and be nice! LOL. My oldest brother has the best line whenever my mom starts to hound him......:He says, "Ma, don't lecture me or I might rebel" It works for him.?

  • dmouse

    Yeah, I usually just say 'no thankyou' - end of subject.

    The memorial is the only meeting where JW relatives feel obligated by the Society to ask, even if you are a dyed in the wool apostate.

    I did say once 'I'd rather not, I respect the truth too much to attend a ceremony conducted by a false religion' which was met with stony silence - my wife knows by now that to discuss religion with me is bad for her faith (in the Org).

  • pr_capone

    I'm with dmouse on this one. Just tell them nicely, no thanks. If they dont get it, then you tell them to [email protected] off.

    Kansas District Overbeer

  • Abaddon

    Do I have to wear clothes?

  • anglise

    Just ask WHY.

    This will then lead to lots of opportunites to give them some real information and facts about the WTBTS.

    Just have your facts ready.


  • hippikon

    Laugh Hysterically

    Note: Don't they have to pass the sandwich and booze in front of everyone in attendance – What if you are sitting on the dunny (Aussie speak for toilet) all night – Are they going to bring it in the little room for you?

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