The political left, perfectly captured in one short video exchange

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  • freemindfade

    victimhood is not virtue

  • scary21

    I'm not an expert but for an example I remember one year my husband made $125,000. With him putting the max in his 404k putting $6,000 in my IRA (5,000 if you are under 50 ) and all the deductions. We only had like $19.00 in the 25% bracket so most of our income was taxed at 15%

    Now my daughters( father (still believes in JW ) made $45,000 as a truck driver. Saves nothing in his 401k ( because the big A is coming soon )is single and owns his home . Only has a personal deduction . He pays about $35,000 in the 25% bracket.

    He paid more in taxes then my husband did.

    Someones income may all come from capital gains which is taxed at a much lower rate, they can make $200,000 and pay less then someone making much less.

    I have noticed sometimes poor people get screwed. I just got my car insurance bill, if I pay in full $3.008.00. If I pay in payments $4,020 . $1,000 more per year for the poor...........No fear poor people I know someone who knows someone that can make you a fake proof of insurance.

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