The political left, perfectly captured in one short video exchange

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  • LoveUniHateExams

    Love it when she says "I'm a double major".

    Probably in Dance Theory and Gender Studies XD

    Can you imagine being married to that self-obsessed, self-righteous, whiny brat?!

    Sheesh ...

  • zeb

    He offered her $20 and the lady in the audience offered another 20.So the little millennial would then speak of her own oppression. she didn't, but waddled down some mental lane picking fruit off every tree she passed.

    So she is at a college/university; what the hell is she studying?

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Heather MacDonald on the state of universities and the lack of appreciation of uni students.

    Please check this video out - it's a must-see.

  • ttdtt

    Nice look at the american right.

  • Simon
    is this meant to sharpen reasoning skills, Simon, or indicate how we do not stop falling for whatever grabs an unreasoning part of ourselves if we do not take steps to avoid doing so?

    It's meant to make people think before applauding or praising or otherwise promoting this kind of behavior.

    both sides the extreme left and extreme right exist within polarised conditions. Simon is in Canada you are in the UK. such extremes exist here too (and in Canada) but they are in disarray. Surely you two can bring some reason to these issues instead of appearing to fall for them hook line and sinker? falling for the good v evil that JWS preach and which shirley in her thread described very well is surely a lesson for us when we confront how people choose to fall for these in the world today?

    There are extremists on both sides, but the right are a very small and tiny fringe with little mainstream support whereas the nuttery on the left gets MASSIVE support and constant promotion by the main-stream media and represents a far bigger threat to society.

    They are not the same and it's disingenuous to suggest that one is just the flip side of the other.

    It's incessant - people wanting to shout and disrupt but not the things that warrant it, instead when people want to have sensible discussion and debate. The reason is clear - they have no answers. They just have outrage and protest but it is completely vacuous and they can't argue a position, just attempt to shut things down.

    You're now seeing a new generation being indoctrinated into it. Teachers organizing student protests and busing them to events for instance. All the protests and marches when no one can actually tell us what they are even for or about.

    No goal other than to create and then feed on discontent and that is how violence often starts.

  • Fencing

    Yes, I am definitely far more concerned about a bunch of entitled, whiny college kids complaining and protesting with a microphone than I am about a violent, armed, nationalist, neo-Nazi movement gaining power and legitimacy through actually gaining a foothold at the highest levels of American government.

    Thanks for bringing this dangerous scourge to our attention.

  • truth_b_known

    The student speaking perfectly emulates the core of the progressive movement in the United States. This movement is built on 4 pillars -

    • Envy
    • Self Loathing
    • Hypocracy
    • Intellectual Dishonesty

    This movement is intolerant of ideas and speech that exists outside their paradigm. They are statists who literally wish to exchange freedom and liberty so the government can enforce their belief system.

    This student, and so many like her, literally believe that by the government locking people up in prison who express ideas that go contrary to her own will some how stop bigotry and violence based on bigotry.

  • Simon
    a violent, armed, nationalist, neo-Nazi movement gaining power and legitimacy through actually gaining a foothold at the highest levels of American government

    Where exactly? We see the left time and time again trying to shut down conservative speaking events and using violence to do it.

    The claims of nazi bogeymen are wearing pretty thin and also make no sense. If you genuinely believe that nazis are in control then why the push to remove people's guns? Shouldn't you be handing them out and calling for even more violence?

    If you listen to the speakers that the left claim represent the alt-right, the nazis, you find they are reasonable, tolerant, intelligent and keen to have meaningful discussion.

    It's the left that are nearly always the thugs right now. Many of the claimed incidents of right-wing violence and racism turn out not to even exist (but are retracted without all the hype given to the original claims) so it gives a misleading impression of the world ... obviously, the fake-news machine that is the MSM wouldn't do that intentionally though, right?

  • scratchme1010

    Lots of of shouting and claims of being denied rights to speak but nothing really to say when given a mic, just endless shouting and baseless confused claims about 'free speech'. Hey, some BLM bitches try and get in on it too because, why not.

    Constant "I have a question, I have a question ..." as though she isn't allowed to ask it when the reality is she really has nothing to say, she just wants to stop other people being able to talk. What a stupid cunt.

    What a load of crap. Right wing people are always bringing this nonsense to prove that there isn't such thing as inequality. Then again, that's what makes the the right wing.

  • ttdtt
    left gets MASSIVE support and constant promotion by the main-stream media and represents a far bigger threat to society.

    So unfair :( I guess that's why the White House, Congress, Senate, SCOTUS, More than 1/2 of the Governers, and most corporate CEO's are Democrats.

    Oh sorry no they are Right wing - don't tax the rich - cut any regulation that may keep kids from eating lead paint - I'll F who I want, but lets not let gay people marry, hand out guns like candy, and longing for the days pre-civil rights, and why not take the woman's right to vote away.

    AND HEY - when are we gonna get serious about the WAR ON CHRISTMAS!

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