The political left, perfectly captured in one short video exchange

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  • minimus

    I don’t like obama and this means I’m a racist. I don’t like Hillary and this means I’m a sexist. I don’t like Rosie O’Donnell and this means I hate gays.

    This mentality is ridiculous! And it is the perfect recipe for another lefty loss.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Decades of Lefties like GW Bush, HW Bush, Ronald the god Reagan - no, decades of liberal-left cultural Marxist crap in Western universities that's been pushed by academics who should really know better.

    You're welcome.

  • minimus

    I watced the entire video. Kudos to this guy. The young lady represents today’s product of extreme liberalism and it’s embarrassing!

  • Della Street
    Della Street

    My views on issues land pretty much in the middle. The issue I have with what gets public attention from each side is that regular people demonstrate an inability to engage in debate or conversation about issues without resorting to personal attacks and the lack of respect for people they don't agree with or understand. In the OP, the girl was referred to as a cunt and there is a lot of other name-calling in this thread. Is this the kind of people we want to be?

    I'm sure we can engage the topics without resorting to using easy but inaccurate names as a substitute for real thinking.

  • LV101

    Thank you Simon, LUHE, Min -- I'm sure I missed others jumping around reading posts but appreciate the reality! The absurdity of taxing the rich even more -- WOW! Ah, so much class envy targeted at the income level that PAYS except for their magnanimous, worse leaders EVA, (no words to describe, actually!) Ole Hil and Obama not to mention triple inflation genius C A T E R (Carter). There's a plethora more, unfortunately, on the libtard side. Of course, off shore accounts for the tax invading prominent liberals but we won't go there.

    Oh my - not difficult to get the facts today and try to stay balanced with all the rhetoric.

  • Jehalapeno
    I'm sure we can engage the topics without resorting to using easy but inaccurate names as a substitute for real thinking.

    Exactly. Let’s stop calling the left “liberal.” They’re authoritarians.

  • TerryWalstrom

    The Watchtower would not currently exist if Free Speech were practiced inside the organization.
    The ignorance of the 'faithful' members must be preserved.
    The 'innocent' mindset is the last stand for the GB.
    The surefire method is PREEMPTIVE DISRUPTION of those who wish to ask the 'wrong' questions or point out failures and missteps--and especially sincere Elders who seek clarification of changes and policies.

    THE LEFT declares all-out war and destruction against critics, seeking to stop them dead in their tracks and to slime their reputation.

    The insidious effect on young people in college has been to poison the very concept of what Free Speech is or why it is essential to the preservation of a free society.

    Within my lifetime, I've seen the Democrat Part as champions of freedom for dissidents, critics, and outcasts. Yet, this has unraveled.
    There is the Extreme Left, the Social Justice Warriors, the Progressives who have infiltrated the Democrat wing to the point where a "moderate" Democrat is seen as Right-Wing!
    Corporate money has eaten the last gulp of integrity (such as it existed).
    There is little policy difference between the Left and the Right--and that is astounding to say out loud.
    They BOTH favor foreign wars!
    The fraudulent practices of the Democrat Party in sabotaging Bernie Sanders didn't make a blip on anybody's radar for very long.
    Hillary bought and controlled the Democratic party; her people ran it; it was a "by any means necessary" policy in effect.
    The result was this: DONALD TRUMP was elected--a man without a shred of character, experience, or veracity.
    The silly "Russians colluded with Trump" cover story is merely a diversion from anybody taking responsibility for the Trump Presidency by virtue of the fact just enough American voters would rather have a buffoon in office than stomach an obviously compromised and unethical woman with an endless record of getting away with nasty malfeasance in her bubble of manufactured virtue. (i.e. endless list of excuses.)

  • LoveUniHateExams

    ^^^ great post Terry ^^^

    Your comment should be required reading for all.

  • hoser

    I foresee problems in Canada because we are becoming very polarized left vs right. If things continue we are headed for a civil war. I don’t believe it will be an east vs west war. It will be class warfare.

    Natives, environmentalists and socialist thinkers on one side. Farmers, ranchers, the working class and business owners on the other side.

  • ttdtt

    I think there are people here who should go back to the WT and return to Jehober.

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