Is the Governing Body under estimating the volume of those waking up?

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  • Vidiot
    HiddlesWife - "WT only wants non-critically thinking R&F members to remain within the Borg."

    I think so, too.

    A number of us here suspect that a lot of the weirder decisions the WTS has been making lately have been the result of an unconscious - and maybe not so unconscious - effort to prune out the "lukewarm", and downsize the membership to a more manageable level (in conjunction with actual physical downsizing).

    Fine be me, of course...

    ...anything that makes it easier for faders, fakers, and fence-sitters to GTFO.


  • I believe in overlapping
    I believe in overlapping
    You honestly think they want their underlings to tell them the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?

    "So help me God"

  •  The Bethelite
    The Bethelite

    A good post a bad analogy, the governing body is not like Artemisia.

    I think of them and knorr more like Adolf Hitler at the end of world war II in the bunker.... ranting, and believing in some sort of miracle/weapon would some how some save them from their blood guilt.

  • Vidiot
    The Bethelite - "...ranting, and believing in some sort of miracle/weapon would some how some save them..."

    Hard to argue with.

    The kind of decisions they're making these days sure seem based on blind ideological faith in their own inherent rightness, divine backing, and destiny, rather than prudence, practicality, and common freaking sense.

    I remember when the blunders really first started (refusing to submit internal CSA reports, or GB members for testimony, etc.), and I found myself asking, "are they crazy, or just plain stupid?"

  • Vidiot
    "The kind of decisions they're making these days sure seem based on blind ideological faith in their own inherent rightness, divine backing, and destiny, rather than prudence, practicality, and common freaking sense."

    Also, there seems (to me, at least) a distict, if subtle, tinge of desperation, and that's got me thinking...'s obvious by now that all of the bOrg's flaws, failures, and fuckups ultimately call into question their claim of being "God's Earthly Organization", and after the 2002 Dateline expose, thousands of JWs reportedy left (obviously no longer believing that claim).

    Less well-known, though, was a Maclean's (a Canadian news magazine similar to Time) op-ed piece regarding JWs a couple years later, and one blink-and-you'd-miss-it bit actually stood out to me... that when questioned anonymously, many had privately admitted that they were afraid that the WTS was actually a "false religion". It stuck with me all this time and I never forgot it.

    As I've said before, being an active, dutiful JW is not really the most appealling lifestyle, so if the WTS isn't "God's Earthly Organization", there's (obviously) not a whole hell of a lot of incentive to stay. And at this point now, with everything going on, and the increasingly desperate vibe to the bOrg's actions...

    ...I can't help but wonder if the WT leadership is actually worried they're losing their grip on that claim too quickly for the Org to adapt.

  • Vidiot

    "...Mass adoption..."?

  • blondie

    Mass adoption

    jws adopting many children to save them through Armageddon.These jws would then become the legal parent of that child. Then as minor children of at least one faithful jw parent, the WTS says that these children have a pass based on their parent's spiritual status.

    What has the WTS said about adoption? Do the following statements seem to say that adopting children is a good thing? I have heard jws criticize other jws for adopting children because those jws had no idea how the child were turn especially if their parents had physical, mental, behavioral problems, or were drug addicts or criminals. (Like jws can be sure their biological child will not be born with physical and mental problems)

    To Adopt or Not to Adopt?

    Adopting a child is never easy, and it is never wise to make a snap decision when contemplating it. If you have lost a baby, it may be best to wait to get over the shock or grief before making a final decision about adopting. The same may be true for a couple who are told they are infertile.

    Every child inherits a unique genetic profile. Parents are often surprised at the propensities of their own children, but it is difficult to assess a baby’s mental and emotional potential if its parentage is unknown.

    Do you place a high value on academic achievement? If so, how will you feel if your adopted child does not meet your expectations? Would you find a mentally handicapped or physically disabled child a challenge with which you could cope?

  • Theonlyoneleft

    My first thought was....this reminds me of Hitler. After reading some comments I realised that I’m not alone on this. So much has changed in a much strictly way. I remember the days when a disassociate JW was able to stay in the family home and have a relationship with their family. This all has gone nuts and the GB has been at work changing things more and more... more controversial controls.

    I hope that many more wake up from this highly controlled religion. I trust that the GB will create much more chaos on their own selfish and greedy ways ......I hope others realise and smell the coffee.

    Thank goodness for YouTube and the people’s ability to share their awful experiences. #tonimorris3

  • Humphry

    I think like all people who have given their all to the Organization they have a great deal of tunnel vision(reality tunnel) and have a very hard facing the facts of the reality they are in(positive thinking at it's worst). I still am coming to terms with facing reality and facts I don't like. Brutal honesty is painful and we tend to not dwell on unpleasant facts. It is amazing how much we miss when guided by wishful and black and white thinking.

  • Vidiot
    Theonlyoneleft - "......this reminds me of Hitler..."

    The part where he became progressively more isolated from the world and, unwilling/unable to accept the reality of his regime's impending collapse - made increasingly desperate, draconian, and fucktarded decisions that ended up accelerating said collapse?

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