Is the Governing Body under estimating the volume of those waking up?

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  • Listener

    They know best even when it is not sound or logical from a human viewpoint.

  • I believe in overlapping
    I believe in overlapping
    The WT corp. should have gotten out the date setting business back at the end of the 1st world war, but they just can't come to terms with reality,


    They want to believe so much---that they will live eternally, that the will rule all mankind, and angels, and share in killing billions of humans.

    They truly are Delusional!

  • peacefulpete

    I've spoken to a number of clergy who were quite frank about their views regarding the Bible and such. The last one was a young Catholic priest who simple said it didn't matter if there was a God or not, people needed the stories and the tradition. I'm pretty sure many in the higher echelons of the JWs feel the same.

  • AshleyCollins

    oh wow so that's why they are asking for more money lately.. and why they stopped printing publications (this one is really expensive so they move everything toward online publications which is cheap) so they can payout the cases they keep losing. but i do not understand why do they pay for it?

  • LV101
    AshleyCollins -- "why do they pay for it?" They have court orders against them and they have to pay the judgments or have their property sold out from under them -- or bank accounts seized by the court/plaintiffs. They have a few billion (tons of properties all over the world) to blow thru on lawsuits before they're hurting.
  • rickroll

    I would think they know the numbers and are trying to fix it. But what they would do to fix it most likely will make it worse.

  • zeb

    Australian and other world governments please note.

    The GB have said that jw may be asked to do things distant from a human understanding and could suggest.. (!) every one sign over their own homes or 'super funds to the WT (Jehovah will look after you) and many will do so. The WT is about getting every dollar out of its people it can. It faces an aging membership and they have in the main no super (retirement saving) and can not donate any more than they have.The WT is capable of anything.

    Anyone remember the scene where they wanted kids to start a money box so they could donate their ice cream money to the WT?

    This will mean when that fountain has dried up a very large body of people then going to the various government depts or charities to house them.

    Governments like Australia's.. wake up!

    people here who have major disabilities now cant get a disability pension due to impossible to meet criteria and the government should be looking very hard at the WT and its $$ exporting business.

    • remove the WT charity exemption of the WT
    • stop the exporting of $ to the US head office
    • lean on them to sign on to the National Redress Scheme.
  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    What Humphry said...

    These guys are stuck on stupid!
  • smiddy3

    Every week there is one or two people joining up on this site ,and I believe their are dozens of sites like this springing up all over the world .

    So i think that is bloody good news . And its not just new recruits that are leaving its long timers ,Elders who have been in the religion for decades that are leaving and many with there wives .

    And I offer a warm welcome to any that are here .Its a great place to be.So much information in past threads.

  • blondie

    Does the WTS say how many will be resurrected? Yes, and no (both sides of the mouth technique?) But how many are not following their directives, not, but they know how many are not turning any time in.

    Not to prophesy, but merely for the purpose of illustration, let us assume that those who compose the “great crowd” of righteous persons who “come out of the great tribulation” on this system of things alive (Re 7:9, 14) number about 6,000,000(about 1/1000 of earth’s present population). Then if, after allowing, say, 100 years spent in their training and in ‘subduing’ a portion of the earth (Ge 1:28), God purposes to bring back three percent of this number, this would mean that each newly arrived person would be looked after by 33 trained ones. Since a yearly increase of three percent, compounded, doubles the number about every 24 years, the entire 20 billion (20,000,000,000) could be resurrected before 400 years of Christ’s Thousand Year Reign had elapsed, giving ample time for training and judging the resurrected ones without disrupting harmony and order on earth.

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