Is the Governing Body under estimating the volume of those waking up?

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  • Vidiot
    Humphry - "...It seems they are helplessly driven by a unconscious self hatred to deny the real conditions the Corporation is facing..."

    It's not self-hatred.

    It's a complete inability to accept (consciously, anyway) that the Watchtower Society's inherent rightness, divine backing, and destiny aren't real...

    ...i.e. that they're not actually "God's Earthly Organization".

    Humphry - "...Expect more and more blunders..."

    Oh, hell yes.

  • Vidiot
    LV101 - "They're run by professionals advising them and dealing with all the cult horror that's accumulated for decades."


    You'd think said "professionals" would give 'em better advice.

  • LV101

    Who can say - nothing is transparent since it's a secret cult -- sounds like our swamp government except many walk away with billions! No one knows what is going on behind the curtain or their financial status other than professionals. Legal seems to be litigating a lot of abuse cases and who knows what else. Accountants/financiers and marketing agencies probably trying it all to keep the billions (or millions) floating long term -- they certainly don't want to lose the cult's accounts.

    None of the loon 8 goon team believe the hype they peddle - that's naivety but to each their own opinion. They clearly do believe in living the good life. Easy to live high on the hog but not easy to return to their low, working-class, status.

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