New Light on the 144,000?

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  • waton


    right on. To rule you have to be martyred. All followers of Jesus should partake, as commanded. It is a communal meal. The wt count of partakers and referencing it against the artificial low total over millennia is a farce.

    New light should be, not to abolish the 144000, because you cant, but abolish the limitation on partaking.

    It is easy, fall in line behind Tony, but stock up on first quality vintage.

  • Vidiot
    waton - "All followers of Jesus should partake..."

    You're probably right.

    Ever since Rutherford, however, the bOrg has been all about elitism, so WT theologians (specifically Fred Franz, I think) got around that objection by claiming that all the first-century Xtians - who all partook - were part of that literal 144,000 number.

  • waton
    V: all the first-century Xtians - who all partook - were part of that literal 144,000 number.

    and of course they were, but those 144 000 come out of the tribes of Paul's and John's Israel of God.

    Of the billions of those tribes that partook, some were of the 144 000. These were sealed by the angels (secretly) out of the 12 partaking tribes.

    Partakers were never meant to be an exclusive club, In the kingdom covenant, but all "true christians" are in the new covenant. all. and must partake. by command.

    The 144 000+1+ 1 would be pleased.

  • redvip2000

    It's always a tricky "dance" for the Org to come up with these significant changes, because on one hand they are getting rid of some potential embarrassments by doing something like this, but on the other hand they are validating the critics that call them out of the changes and reversals of doctrine.

    Any reasonable person would be hard pressed to believe that any spirit directed organization would be teaching something incorrect for decades, while God just sits by and lets it happen.

    Even the most incompetent of CEO's could do a better job at implementing a significant change inside his organization.

  • waton
    rv 2000: teaching something incorrect for decades, while God just sits by and lets it happen.

    dont forget they did just that from the 20s to the 60s, not about something debatable like the overlap, but a real down to Earth question "Who are the Superior Authorities"

    As a re-"publisher" of wt error, it left me wit egg on my face then. That is why

    I can not believe the temerity of re-publishers busy out now in the "service" standing behind current untenable wt doctrines.

  • Finkelstein

    There are many false doctrines established by the heads of the WTS.
    The reasons being that these men from the very beginning with C T Russell were not academically trained bible theologians, they were essentially novices who picked up concepts of bible theology from outside sources and took them to proliferate into published literature.
    To support these doctrines they acclaimed that they were Bible truths accurately adherent to the bible , where other established Christians faiths had wavered into apostasy or unrighteousness..
    In doing this they gave themselves viability to newly interested people who were willing bible students or learners.
    These set established doctrines were then taught to these newly arrived learners and given the approval of righteous and truthful bible interpretation, followed then by instructing others to teach these doctrines through the literature the WTS published.
    Through this endeavoring process the leaders of the WTS built up a self acknowledged presence of being the true spoken FDSL.
    As we now can confirm it was really hype and forced abstract commercialism creating an organization of commercialized false Prophets. $$$

  • Vanderhoven7

    When discussing WTS mistakes with two witnesses, the one that claimed to be an elder tried to justify mistakes that have been made by the WTS by asking my son, who is a college English professor, if he ever made mistakes

    My son replied that if he had made the number and kind of mistakes the WTS had made, he would have been fired for incompetence long ago.

  • Vidiot

    Okay, the whole "command" thing is a big turn-off for me.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Whatcha all talkin' bout?

    They have always taught that
    + "this generation" was subject to an overlap.
    + the Governing Body (and not the entire anointed) are the Faithful and Discreet Slave.
    + nobody knows the time and date, and we never said 1914, 1925, 1975, the 20th Century or any of that as the start of the Great Tribulation.
    + The numbers in the Bible, including 144,000 are figurative.

  • pale.emperor

    If it’s come via Facebook I wouldn’t pay much attention to it. Usually the juicy stuff comes via here by leaked letters or talk outlines.

    However, as others have stated NOTHING would surprise me about this org. They’re gonna have to do damage control sooner or later regarding the anointed or 1914.

    Stephen Lett could outright claim to be the reincarnated John The Baptist and they’d go with it.

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