Any ExJw Millenials here? If not which Gen do you fall under?

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  • gma-tired2
    Baby Boomer Guaranteed I wouldnt Grow Up is this old system. Instead I am a Senior not looking for a new system.
  • Hidethevelociraptors

    Hey Freddo, thanks for commenting, another from the Armaggdeon is literally ringing our bell Generation lol

    agreed Macys- nepotism is definitely strong, had a cousin (elders son) who called me from his gfs drunk as hell and nearly unconscious and had been there all night. My family knew, his family obviously knew and yet nothing happened to him. walked away free as a bird. Of course I'm not a snitch and I didn't want my cousin to get in trouble but hell, what made him any better than the rest of us who had to tread carefully??

    I would always say I guess holy spirit saw he didn't REALLY mean to engage in that serious of a turn up.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Generation x'er here. Growing up through the 1980's. Best freakin' decade ever.
  • Question_Mans_interpretation

    All this millenial generation talk had me curious about what the attitudes are towards various generations so I started a little research and came across this little gem. If anything read this article for the graphs alone, priceless.

  • Giordano

    My wife and I got out in time to attend the defining event in all of music history............ WOODSTOCK It became a lot of peoples generation.

    Everyone was so damn young and so beautiful!

  • Phaedra
  • bsmart
    Boomer here, born 1948
  • magotan
    I'm a millennial - born in 1993.
  • Heartsafire
    I think I'm a gen Y if that even exists
  • talesin
    I am a late Boomer, '58. An old hippie. : D

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