Any ExJw Millenials here? If not which Gen do you fall under?

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  • Question_Mans_interpretation
    Ok guess that makes me a millennial with 1984 birth year, but maybe I'm an oddball because I've never been on reddit, another blog site I'm assuming.
  • freemindfade

    QMI You are on the cusp. But technically I would label you a millenial.

    exjw reddit is a community discussion board/news thing. I am not crazy about the format of it. But it does have some cool features and good posts. I notice there seems to be more of a new school crowd on there. I don't post as much or debate with people really. I did find a nice local exjw and hung out with them, that was cool.

  • Hidethevelociraptors

    @FreeMindFade- I see what you mean and agree with everything you've said. I've noticed way more Gen Xer's and that's what prompted my topic in the first place. I would assume my generation (millennials) would be more prone to waking up but sadly I don't see many or they rather lurk at the moment.

    I'm assuming most millennials are just beginning to stand on their own, become self sufficient from parents and their able to part ways completely with the cult. I hope that as times goes on more people can put fear aside and become more vocal like Generation X.

    I wanted to actually start a youtube channel just to tell my own story and show people that they can do this and be successful. Maybe my enthusiasm is a tad misplaced but I honestly feel the need to at least let people know that hey look people in your generation are doing this and so can you. Things can get better even If you lose family, which I have

    @QMI- the reddit page is pretty good as well, check it out

  • brandnew
    Ummmm i was in high school when Vanilla Ice came out with "Ice Ice Baby"...☺
  • WingCommander
    I guess I'm technically a Gen X'er, since I was born in 1979. I only recently started reading the ex-JW reddit forum. (like a month ago)
  • freemindfade
    sadly I don't see many or they rather lurk at the moment.

    One strength of Millenials is the value they put on their social circles and teams. This could hold many in, regardless of what goes on with the organization, it is a social network and carries a lot of value to your generation.

    Gen x can be fiercely independent (sometimes to our own headaches). I think this has empowered a lot of us to wake, even though we grew up in an era that i believe beat the Armageddon drum WAAAAY louder. The literature was loaded with end of the world images, we had the revelation book, we lived during the end of the cold war. So I think we were hit with a lot of Fear Obligation and Guilt (FOG) that made learning TTATT thee most frighting thing we could do. that made it slow for us, but once we learn its hard to not be vocal as you said.

    And I think you should start your own you tube channel. There was another young couple on their Christian and Katja, I assume they are millenials and their delivery was great. Very refreshing and good for others to find you are starting to lurk and doubt. So i would seriously consider it if i were you.

  • freemindfade
    I guess I'm technically a Gen X'er, since I was born in 1979. I only recently started reading the ex-JW reddit forum. (like a month ago)

    Wing commander are we the same person?

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    I am a 'boomer'. The generation that is definitely passing away.🤔


  • OneEyedJoe

    I'm with QMI - I'm technically in the group but don't relate to a lot of things that are considered to be their hallmarks. I was always the youngest of every group I was a part of until very recently, so I think I grew up more as a young GenXer would've.

    Aside from the culture that lends itself more to sites like reddit and facebook, I wonder if the lack of a strong millennial presence here might also be down to the fact that JWs in their early 20s seem to take the whole thing a lot less seriously than folks did in my day. The less seriously they take the cult while their in it, the less painful it'll be when they wake up to the lies. If they always regarded it as a social club and just slowly and naturally fade from it as they get older and develop normal friends outside the cult, it might not even occur to them to seek out an exJW group online when they realize they were raised in a cult.

    That's even assuming that they're having the sort of waking up moment that most of us here relate to - for those that don't really take it seriously, maybe they just let it go and move on and just don't care enough about it to force it into a particular box of being "true" or "lies" instead they just put it in the box of "who cares" and live their lives. The obsessive disproving of doctrine and unraveling of all the deceptions and history of the cult may, in some ways, be somewhat specific to the older crowd that took things more seriously while they were in the cult.

  • brandnew
    I was a lappologist, lapping up all the overlapping . generation ☺

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