Any ExJw Millenials here? If not which Gen do you fall under?

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  • macys
    Right here! But I am also a Baby Boomer, Generation GI, Generation X and a Millennial all at once thanks to overlapping generations.
  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once
    Do all generations in Lapland overlap? Hence the name?
  • Hidethevelociraptors

    FreeMindFade- I agree, my generation definitely values their social circle way more and even though most of them secretly do things their told they aren't supposed to do, they still believe and fear being dissed ( disfellowshipped). Some one said this on reddit, but the orginization's whole ideology and its delivery is so different now. When I was younger it did seem more serious, I think someone even used the term dignified. Despite being a cult the Gen X witnesses always seemed like real bible scholars. As a young child I remember reading some of the older books and thinking " this is some deep stuff" as I looked at the illustration of a 7 headed dragon being hurled down to the earth. But then I would think, Why hurl him down to EARTH??

    OneEyedJoe- "The obsessive disproving of doctrine and unraveling of all the deceptions and history of the cult may, in some ways, be somewhat specific to the older crowd that took things more seriously while they were in the cult. "

    This is so true, I mean aside from cognitive dissonance MOST people don't even care about the Orgs history. As much as emphasis that's put on origins of holidays why wouldn't the very origin of the organization be just as important?

    I had always assumed something was fishy about the religion but once I found Russell's grave I went on a research binge that had me sick for a good couple weeks.

    My family encouraged me to research and do what I needed to strengthen my faith but refused to acknowledge or give a second thought to what I had found. It was so frustrating. Only later did I realize that wasn't the best way to share what I had found.

    I don't know though, I actually think finding the various ex forums is useful. Once you know its a cult in your own mind your set, but once you see that others are asking the same questions and going through similar stuff its somewhat comforting.

    you exhale and can say "okay I'm not going crazy" lol

  • Hidethevelociraptors
    @ Macys, lets see if holy spirit will weed you out, I hear its a great judge of character and can help elders know if you're truly repentant and ready to come back to Jehovah. Lmao.
  • macys
    Hey Hide that is so funny! I have known people doing all kinds of things for years and da holy spirit did not do jack to help anyone. One brother in my old hall was reinstated for a month before someone saw him buying lottery tickets!
  • Hidethevelociraptors
    Exactly Macys, once I realized that holy spirit was just a bunch of old guys unanimously making a decision I was over it lol. I remember telling my family that I wasn't going to do anything JW related when I was dissed just to see if holy spirit was going to let me back in. Sure enough they let me back in and the scales fell from my eyes.
  • freemindfade
    I think someone even used the term dignified.

    yep... it used to seem unique, deep, and special. Even if that wasn't the real case it had the aura of such.

    Now it feels like a cheesy mega church. in 2014 I really came to terms with getting out of it. i went to the international convention and was fully aware they had turned the corner fully to mega-fundie-chruch.

    But the social importance doesn't change especially when you are raised in it.

  • freddo
    On the borders of Baby Boomer and Generation X here.
  • macys

    And nepotism runs rampant in the JDub cult. More proof the holy spirit is nothing but hot gas.

    About the light getting brighter...... I read somewhere either on this site or JWsurvey "the light isn't getting brighter, it is changing colors every few months!"

  • Hidethevelociraptors

    agreed FreeMindFade, definitely a shell of its former self

    what's crazy to me is that people are seriously buying the whole " the light gets brighter" or " the organization is run by imperfect men"

    I feel ( and I may be wrong) that it takes a strong person to see something obviously wrong and decided to question it and seek an answer that makes sense.

    "the light gets brighter" might as well be " god moves in mysterious ways"

    I've seen pictures from the most recent international conventions. The huge JW.ORG cube just seemed like a quirky commercial prop to push a brand.

    and definitely true about social importance, DF & DA are social suicide for a those fully indoctrinated or physically stuck in.

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