Local Needs part given after Ministerial Servant left the organization

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  • ToesUp
    They are very worried. Good to know. They are nervous they are loosing the grip on so many.😀
  • RetiredLE

    Why was I having flashbacks of the "Tommy Boy" movie... LOL..i.e.

    'take care of your spirituality, pet it ...feed it...'

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1EyN9xTK94 substitute 'sale' with 'spirituality'

    'I'll never play with it!....Bro. so & so won't ever play with it....'


  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Yeah, I miss those movies of his. R.I.P. Chris Farley!!!
  • under the radar
    under the radar

    This talk might actually backfire and wake up some who didn't want to admit to themselves that the Society truly is a mind-control cult. Some of this stuff could have been taken directly from 1984.

    One glaring fault was that this earnest appeal to ignore "the man behind the curtain" didn't even try to address any of the issues he said were causing problems in Houston. Serious, legitimate issues that a deserve a better response than "Never mind. Don't worry about it. Just obey and don't question anything."

    The more I hear about this kind of crap, the more I hate the organization. In some ways, it's worse than the Mafia. True, there's no way to gracefully and honorably leave either. But at least the Mafia doesn't usually go after your family.

    The Society's treatment of "apostates" and those either DA or DF or even sometimes simply faded has a lot in common with the Soviet purges of the 30's, 40's, and 50's. Of course, the Society doesn't actually murder their victims, but a Watchtower article from the late 50's implied that they would if they could get away with it. More and more, JW's are pushed to treat such ones, even close family members, as if they were already dead.

    Emotional blackmail and social coercion are polite ways to term it, but that doesn't begin to describe the terrible harm it does to all concerned. Obedient JW's are often forced to suppress their natural feelings and affections and act in a way completely contrary to the way they would otherwise. It can require a complete personality change, a kind of Jekyll and Hyde effect. The ones shunned are treated as outcasts, worthless and despised. Warm and loving families can and sometimes do disintegrate into warring camps. I wonder how many lives have been totally ruined by this callous and arrogant policy masquerading as faithfulness to God.

  • joe134cd
    Interestingly at 5:15 when he talks about the questioning of apostates but he fails to mention the handling of child sex abuse and pedophiles.
  • Alive!

    Leaving-quietly .....great points.

    When I caught the 'strange stories' point in this (cough) talk etc - immediately came to mind the strange stories regarding the resurrection of 'ancient worthies' - Rutherford explained that they would live in America, in the current culture and society of that time, what was that? 1920s right?...really?

    As God's only channel - do not the FDS tremble a little, that a former brother was inspired to prophesy such strange and false stories?

    Do they not tremble a little that dated predictions by the 'brotherhood' have been made using 'inspired' stories around ancient pyramids?

    Aren't they a little Fearful of their own mouths????

  • Diogenesister

    Hang on, he said Why couldn't Two IMPERFECT people obey one simple command......, I thought they were PERFECT until they ate of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and bad. ?

    Edit: I guess he did not want to say why couldn't two perfect people obey one simple commsnd as it would have sounded as stupid as it actually DOES sound


    ...........Image result for watchtower logo

    .........Image result for the science of stupid logo

    3:30 - Danger of thinking differently.....10:30 - Don't listen to things that are "logical"

    14:05 - Build up a defense against logic. Faith!


  • stuckinarut2

    Yup...this sounds very familiar...like the talk given in another part of the world for the same reason...a well liked brother became inactive after researching facts about "the truth...."

    Cappy, was this talk given in your given because of you leaving?

  • cappytan
    Cappy, was this talk given in your given because of you leaving?

    No...no one knew I was leaving until today.

    I saw this talk posted this morning on Reddit.

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