Local Needs part given after Ministerial Servant left the organization

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  • cappytan


    Some crazy cult language in this talk.

    Some highlights:

    18:15 - OBEY

    2:20 - Nothing in world is as it seems...EXCEPT US!

    3:30 - Danger of thinking differently

    4:05 - Exaggerated opinion of their own intelligence

    5:48 - Surprisingly accurate list of real reasons people leave the religion. (Couldn't believe he publicly acknowledged these

    6:11 - How awful to question God's right to kill children. He's God! He can kill all the children he wants!

    10:30 - Don't listen to things that are "logical"

    12:02 - Avoid those who don't believe

    14:05 - Build up a defense against logic. Faith!

    16:50 - Don't look at apostate arguments because we're telling you not to.

  • ttdtt
    If it was at all presented like that - maybe others will start to think that something is rotten in denmark?
  • truthlover

    Local needs last night was the video on the www and the special pioneers and the hall building -- and requesting again more money to contribute to the www..

    No mention of the downsizing or the fact the SP are all going to the field now, especially the older ones... looks like they don't want the medical costs involved with those getting up there, but are still requesting the younger ones to come to bethel... joke!

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad
    The Elder giving the talk...what a blockhead, bonehead idiot!
  • OneEyedJoe
    Parts like these always left me feeling dirty. Almost felt like maybe I was in a cult. I don't think I ever heard a list of potential grievances given from the platform, but man that would've been the cherry on top for me - I could've related to a lot of those for a very long time before I actually woke up. When they tighten the grip out of fear of apostates like this, I think it ends up pushing away a lot of the fence sitters.
  • JW_Rogue
    Sounds like that MS was a smart, logical person who didn't want to waste his life in a cult. Good for him.
  • shepherdless

    My wife and kids are in. I have never attended.

    I found this "special needs talk" truly frightening. Well spoken (ignoring the evil in it). Probably very convincing to the gullible. How can my kids see through it, particularly when they are told to be wary of anything I say.

  • ttdtt
  • ttdtt
    At 17 min mark. YES how could Adam and Eve - built perfectly - taught by god - be fooled by a talking snake uttering 46 words? Wow god is not a very good designer. Also by the way - a the end of Gen 3 - god pretty much admits that all that satan said was true.
  • leaving_quietly

    A talk like this, when I was fully in, would have had me further suppressing any questions I may have had. But now, if I were at the KH, I would have had to get up and go to the restroom just to calm down.

    Those who question blood do NOT question the sanctity of blood. Never once have I seen that. They question whether the JW application of Acts 15:29 really applies to transfusions since that was never in the Mosaic Law. Only eating blood was at issue. It's because blood CAN BE life-saving that they question this in the spirit of Jesus' words: I want mercy, not sacrifice.

    Who is blowing "winds of teaching?" The teaching of "generations" is one such wind. It changes every few years. "Apostates" aren't the ones blowing this wind. What about the authority of the FDS? I'm not sure anyone actually questions that teaching because the "authority" isn't the issue. The issue is the IDENTITY of the FDS, and just like "generations," that too, changes. What was once considered in opposition with respect to this, is now "the truth." (see w81 3/1 p. 24, 25.) Another "wind."

    "Do not be led astray by various and strange teachings." (Heb 13:9) JW teachings are very strange in the eyes of other Christian religions. So, who is teaching these strange teachings?

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