Michael Bloomberg—what’s your opinion of him?

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  • minimus

    And do you think he has a chance to win it all??

  • redvip2000

    He does and I hope he wins, instead of crazy Warren, or even Sanders who sit on the extreme left in comparison.

    Bloomberg was a good mayor in NYC, and he is a no nonsense manager. I recall one of the things he did at city hall as mayor was to remove high wall cubicles, because a lot of employees were slacking off at the job, and this would increase accountability.

    He is a smart, no nonsense guy, and above hall he is moderate, not like the extreme left crazies like Warren and others. The democratic establishment absolutely does not want Bloomberg to be elected, because he does not play the agenda pushing game of the left.

    I hope he wins. We need someone again in the white house that knows a little more about the world than eating fast food and watching himself on TV. Bloomberg would not be an embarrassment to our country like the orange agent.

  • minimus

    I think the Democrats want a Mike Bloomberg as opposed to Bernie. They would have taken Biden but he’s just too accident prone. Bloomberg thinks he knows better than everyone else. He tells you how to eat, what to drink, who is smart and who is not that intelligent. It comes across in a very negative way. It could be an interesting matching with Trump. But Trump will prevail.

  • truth_b_known

    Pete Buttigieg and Michael Bloomberg are the only hope the DNC has to take the White House. If either of those 2 get the official spot on the November ballot I would vote for either. If neither get the nod from the DNC, I will vote third party again.

  • minimus

    Why vote third party??

  • Jehalapeno

    Bloomberg is a nightmare scenario for those hoping for Trump to get reelected.

    Huge war chest plus mainstream media and mainstream Hollywood support.

    Bloomberg is basically an authoritarian statist with republican tendencies with a side of hating guns.

  • minimus

    Bloomberg has a lot of baggage. He will be on an apology tour for a long time. We see how that always turns out. Plus never underestimate the Bernie crowd going nuts if their guy doesn’t get the nomination.

  • Hotpepper

    Bloomsburg is a control Greek. He wants to stop people from buying a 16 oz soda and mc Donald's. I looked up his claim he shut down coal power plants. . BULLSHIT he didn't shut down no no coal plants.. he's a liar. He raised parking tickets ,. Shut down traffic Lanes to put bicycle parking Lanes. Doubled most license fees. O mean he'd tax Farts if he could. Put a lot of pressure on working trades. He even changed the laws so he could be mayor longer

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Just got a story on radio that he nixed a senior food program from getting donations from Jewish outfit because it did not meet HIS nutrition standards.

    People complain about trump wanting to be king. Look carefully.

  • minimus

    The man is definitely a control freak and it appears he has a history of biases that should make the woke crowd’s heads explode!

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