Why are some that post here JW apologists?

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  • ctrwtf

    My rant tonight is against the quasi religious apologists that post on this board. Those who at once rail against the JW's then later talk about how "orderly" and "neat" the witnesses are at their conventions. Those who site the benefits of bloodless surgery to some who have the luxury and time to actually make an educated choice, while ignoring the tens of thousands who've died because they happen to be in an accident or succumb to a disease for which there is no other treatment.

    I understand the power of cognitive dissonance. I've been there myself. But why, under any circumstance, would you want to lend any credence whatsoever to an evil cult? I once knew a member of the Hitler Youth. He often recalled how orderly, clean and prosperous Germany became after the Nazi party took over. I remember thinking that it was this early indoctrination that made the witness propaganda appeal to him. A world where the "final solution" was to eliminate an entire class (race) of people that stood in the way of paradise. Does this sound familiar?

    In my opinion, if circumstances permitted, if there were some justification, the leaders of the WT would have no qualms about taking matters into their own hands. They would look upon genocide as a righteous tool and a mandate from the most high. That is the evil that resides in all fundamentalist religion.

    So think about that when you want to give the witnesses a break because they "dress so well."

  • GrreatTeacher

    Orderly at conventions?

    Has anyone ever seen the rush for seats when the doors open?

    And the large scale saving of seats after repeatedly, year after year, being told not to do so?

  • dubstepped

    Some here have spent a lifetime in the cult and are still active in it. Their lives revolve around it still. Since they haven't taken a stand against it, it only stands to reason that on some level they may be for it in some circumstances. You can't keep drinking the Kool-Aid and not have it impact you. Indoctrination session after session will impact one's thoughts and feelings.

  • oldskool

    Because they like to fantasize about life in underground bunkers.

  • Simon

    I think it's inevitable that people who go on the internet really deep down know the truth about the truth even if they aren't ready to admit it.

    Often, they end up with misplaced anger - towards the people who have opened their eyes, not the ones who have told them the lies.

    They lash out and are desperate to try to "prove" people wrong when really they are just trying a last ditch effort to convince themselves that it's still the truth. But once you have taken the blue pill, you can't go back into the matrix and they miss it.

    Of course some are probably "true believers" and just want to preach but without the inconvenience of having to go knock on doors.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    The wife reminds me all the time about the none sense I would tell her , of course I tell her

    I don't remember. This is her, remember you told me Adam was the 1st man and there was

    a talking snake, JW's are some of the most intelligent folks on the face of the earth (I don't remember),

    the Grand canyon was carved out by the flood ( I don't remember), people lived a long time in OT ( don't R).

    There were a few years after leaving that organization I still held on to some of their stupid beliefs.

  • Fisherman

    But why, under any circumstance, would you want to lend any credence whatsoever to an evil cult?

    Angry words. Sounds like you want to get em! But what about the harm that Babylon the Great cult has done through out the centuries and even now -with their political lovers. JW can never be accused of that. As for Babylonians, Caesar ships them out and spills their their blood or pumps gallons of blood into them. Not so with JW. JW went down in history as among the greatest freedom fighters in the US ever (if not number 1), and wining more cases in the US Supreme Court than any other entity in US history, hardly a cult! and bloodless surgery is better than bloody blood. And JW training in analytical thinking and reading in the KH is better than Yeshiva and University and besides that proof is that God's Holy Spirit backs JW and that is what I would think even if I was angry with JW. 100 years of triumphant victory all over the earth....-except now that since JW core doctrine is based upon 1914, if God does not come to jw rescue, JW 1914 teachings will fall apart. But it ain't over until the fat lady sings and it ain't up to jw to predict the gt but on God to make JW predictions come true. Using up all dates after and including 1914, it truly is the end now for jw. Anyway, besides the hate towards jw, they aint evil and they aint a cult, anyone that was a jw can testify to that. Bizarre rituals of major religions are more cult like than the Bible learning at the KH, and the morality rules etc. of JW.

  • Dunedain

    Oh yeah Fisherman, well this "non cult" that you call the JW's, will kick you to the curb just for being on THIS website. Sounds cultish to me

  • dubstepped

    @Fisherman - I was a JW and they are evil AND a cult.

    And please tell me you didn't just link JW and analytical thinking together in the same sentence. Come on man, there's no ability in the Kingdom Halls of today to do anything more than point to jw.borg.

    Basically saying "b...b...b...but Christendom is MORE evil" is really lame. Whether you're a serial killer or just an everyday murderer, you still suck at life. JW's aren't the moral, clean people you and other apologists clearly think them to be. Put down the brainwasher and start using some of that analytical thinking about the religion you're clearly in. Don't believe your own hype.


    100 years of triumphant victory all over the earth......Fisherman

    Your Dreaming in Technicolor

    1)..Babylon fell to the Persia in 539 BC..
    2)..The last Caesar Romulus Augustus..
    Reigned over the Roman Empire from 31 October AD 475 until 4 September AD 476..

    3)..Watchtower has killed more JW`s with their stupid rules/policies than any other organization on earth..

    4)..Watchtower hasn`t gotten anything right in over 130 years..

    5)Most people in the outside world have no idea what JWs believe..


    Most JWs have no idea what they believe..


    A Watchtower Education and $1.95..

    Will Get You a 12oz Iced Coffee at StarBucks..


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