Why are some that post here JW apologists?

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  • David_Jay

    It has a lot to do with the fact that we humans seem to have an instinct that fights against any cry that claims we are incorrect.

    Under normal circumstances it is important to have a firm self-worth, to trust in fundamental axioms we have come to accept as true, and to avoid being wishy-washy lest we never move forward. While it is important to have fail-safes in place that can aid in keeping us from deluding ourselves, it is equally important that we don't second-guess ourselves into an existence of immobility.

    Even in simple and relatively unimportant things we can be stubborn about what we believe and refuse to admit we are wrong about something. We've all been guilty of it, and we are neither proud of these moments in our lives or quick to admit and speak up of these times. Even now, outside of the JWs, we all hold steadfast to our new convictions. We all have different viewpoints now, and we cannot all be right even now this side of the Watchtower, but I am sure we each, individually, believe we are.

    To a degree this is normal, even healthy. But in a system like the religion of Jehovah's Witnesses it becomes a self-consuming muck of personal judgment, guilt, and a desire to do what is right as much as to be in the right.

    So people who are emerging from the cult can and will sometimes speak out of "both sides of their mouth." The battle going on inside to fight this instinct occurs differently in each unique individual, and for some it comes out as condemnation for the JWs one moment and praise for them the next.

    We might be convinced that what we are witnessing is individual "support for an evil cult," but we can be wrong. Entrenched ideas don't disappear overnight. Some come out habitually, some slip out without notice, others get stated becuase the person is flip-flopping on where their allegiance lies. We can't always think that what we are witnessing these people doing is what it appears to be on the surface. If anything, our experience as JWs should teach us the truth that we cannot always trust ourselves and our own judgments about things all the time.

    What we believe defines our identity and our understanding of the universe and our place in it. When what we believe is in flux, the comments that emerge are equally in flux. People can't always see the way before them because, whether in a cult or not, all people can be experts of denial.

    Remember, it is easier to admit that the religion of the Jehovah's Witnesses is wrong. It is hard to admit that we wrong for believing it and staying with it as long as we did.

  • LisaRose

    Reasons people defend the Watchtower

    1) They dont understand cult mind control and haven't been away long enough for it to wear off.

    2)They are having a hard time admitting they were completely wrong about choosing it as a religion in the first place.

    3) They like to take the contrarian argument in a discussion.

    4) They haven't really adopted a new belief system and it feels uncomfortable having no belief system.

    In all honesty it took me years after I left before I figured out that it was a cult and was finally able to junk all the teachings. I realized they weren't god's spokesperson, but I still thought they got some things right, like trinity and hell fire.

  • LongHairGal


    No offense, but when JWs try to defend the religion by saying it is nowhere near as harmful as Babylon the Great they sound naive to me. For one thing, "Babylon the Great" has been around for over seven hundred years. That's more than enough time for anything to become filthy and corrupt.....

    How long has the Jehovah's Witness religion been around?? One hundred thirty years or so. And yet they are riddled with trouble, being sued left and right, scandals galore, hypocrisy, corruption and too many other things to list. What the hell would THEY resemble if they were around seven hundred years??? I wouldn't want to imagine. You can deny this all you want.

    As for them winning court cases for religious freedom decades back, well that's good. But that was back before they became the corrupt joke they are today.

    I'm not so sure about Holy Spirit or God's backing today.

    You also made me laugh when you said their analytical thinking is "better than" that of Yeshiva and university.

  • Clearview

    Just the fact that fisherman posted what he did in this thread in particular confirms my suspicion that he is just a troll kicking the beehive lol

  • smiddy

    If you have been in or associated with the JW`s for many years , then yes it can take a long time to finally rid yourself of all the garbage that goes with the religion.


  • punkofnice

    Why? Some are trolls. Some are genuinely deluded. Some do it to avoid masturbation.

  • jookbeard

    these carefully selected PR sound bites that the WTS used to use especially at the time of DC's dont cover over the reality of what really happens at them especially when they used to be held in vast stadiums, firstly the traffic comes to a complete standstill for a least 5 hours per day in those baking hot summer days pollution levels far exceed the daily maximum, no amount of their volunteer car park attendants/marshals can do anything about the traffic levels,since the food service was taken away from them because of the blatant disregard for health and safety we no longer hear these ridiculous stories how the army etc want to experience first hand how they cater for so many thousands, nor do we hear the experiences from local residents who live near the the local pub where they congregate after the final Sunday, I was there one particular night when they drank the pub "dry" or seeing the countless amounts of young Dubs completely drunk, vast amounts of hotels around RC centres are only too pleased to see the back of the thousands of jw's frequenting them, the local authorities/police/army etc dont seem to be so forthright these days in giving these glowing reports.

  • stillin

    Give the devil his due. He has kept his thing going for many years. He has adapted to change. He has worked with what he has to work with. He wears a nice tie.

  • slimboyfat

    Strange question. It's always struck me: why aren't there more JW apologists on the site? There are 8 millions JWs worldwide and this is the biggest JW related forum. Why don't more come on and defend their views? I would welcome it.

  • stillin

    I have wondered the same thing, SBF. The by-line for this site says that it's a discussion forum for JW's. So.....discuss!

    Sure, there is some vitriol spewed here. But the JW's get that out in service, too. So why not "stick their head in the lion's mouth" here? It's safer than a lot of front porches that I've been on!

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