Why are some that post here JW apologists?

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  • slimboyfat

    It's always been disappointing to me just how few JWs have the courage of their convictions to defend their views when in really counts. They are full of bravado when challenging people they think know less than they do about the Bible or whatever. As soon as they face a real challenge from someone who knows their history and problems with their beliefs, suddenly they're not interested in "debate". Does that show real confidence that they have the "truth"?

  • DJS

    Nice OP. I'm glad the apologists are here. Most of this is human nature; all of us have a tendency towards confirmation bias. It is in our evolutionary DNA. That's one of the best things about pursuing higher education, as it (should) program us so that confirmation bias becomes less pronounced.

    But with or without higher education, if an individual makes up their minds to live an evidence based life and to stop, as much as possible, making decisions on nothing more than feelings, beliefs, personal thoughts, desires, all of which are supported solely be confirmationally biased information, all religions will quickly seem to be repulsive throwbacks to our evolutionary sojourn, deserving to be thrown on the ash heap of history.

    Arguing that the Dark Lords are better than the Popes or that the dub religion is somehow preferable to other x-tian religions seems to most of us as a foreign concept born out of immaturity and a misplaced sense of hope. My aversion to the Dark Lords control is such that I would prefer being around people with tattoos and purple hair than the well groomed, deeply programmed drones in the KH. They make me want to projectile vomit.

    Confirmation bias and being driven by our emotions and desires are the blinders we all wore. The apologists are here because they are 51/49 dubs; if they stay here that % will change as they take off the blinders.

  • Lieu

    Hmmm. I'd say each will react differently to ttatt. At first discovery, apathy, then anger, then confusion, etc. The real person was being suppressed along with the ability to analyze. I can't dislike them because they are us and they, like us, are here for a reason.

    Also, just because you no longer are caught in the snare doesn't mean everyone still caught is some monster to be despised. It's okay to say something nice from time to time, even about your enemy. It puts you on higher ground. Plus, JWS don't get much internal positive comments, it's all negative.

    Besides, the mind can't let everything go at once or you'll have a nervous breakdown. It let's go a bit at a time.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    It's complicated.

    In my case, my mind is so well compartmentalized, that I can see good as well as bad in this same Org. In doing so, I can easily see that the good far outweighs the bad, so I intentionally accentuate the good and this brings me happiness.

    It continues to be complicated.


  • DesirousOfChange

    Notice my Name or ID: Desirous of Change (but you can call me Doc).

    When I got the courage to become a member here, I still thought the "Organization" was "right", but the path that the current leadership had taken was wrong. For years I had believed that things could be changed or corrected from "inside" the Organization. If you read some of my earliest posts, I'm sure I came across as somewhat of an apologist in my defense of the Organization. I now regret some of the dumb ass, ill-informed statements I made at that time.

    The group of people that were posting here at that time (5 years ago) soon helped to enlighten me. They directed me to TTATT, or at least many things that I hadn't learned yet. It was a long slow process to get to where I realized that something this corrupt cannot be changed.

    Often lurkers and new members are here when they have only had the 1st few dominoes shake or wobble. They are still "apologists" and they may defend many things they still believe about the WTS/JWs. But there is no better place to start the whole string of dominoes to fall.


  • redvip2000

    And JW training in analytical thinking and reading in the KH is better than Yeshiva and University

    Lol..this one takes the cake for me. Imagine that, training in analytical thinking.. lol..

    A pathetic session of sitting around listening to pre-packaged information, where open discussion and critical thinking is discouraged, to the point where answers to questions from the study are underlined from the text.

  • sparky1

    Some apologists still have the 'herd mentality'. They like to stray from time to time because they have a normal independent spirit. However, if they stray too far, sometimes they imagine seeing 'Satan the roaring Lion' over their shoulders and so they run back to the herd in fear through intellectually defending the herd.

  • punkofnice

    Most JWs think they have the 'truth(TM)' in such a way that they are able to defend their beliefs. Then they find they get feckin' owned on the forums and fun away claiming persecution or Satan, when they are called out or presented with bull schlacken from their own dublications.

  • Fisherman

    A pathetic session of sitting around listening to pre-packaged information

    "Not everything is as it seems." -Mr. Miyagi, Karate Kid

  • just fine
    just fine

    I am here because I left the JWs behind. If I wanted to hear how great they are in their own minds, I would go back. Been there, done that, not going back.

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