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  • leaving_quietly

    The Mosaic Law required couples to maintain chastity until marriage.

    Of course, I realize this is satire, but fun fact... the Mosaic Law said very little about two unmarried people having sexual relations who were not of the same family. It had a whole lot to say about incestual relations, but regarding people not married and not related to each other, it's pretty silent. The two exceptions I've found are: don't have sex with a menstruating woman (Lev 18:19), and don't have sex with another man's wife. (Lev 18:22)

    Take a look at Leviticus 18 where it describes such things.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Take a look at Leviticus 18 where it describes such things.

    I would, but I choose not to ready such violent and sexually explicit storybooks.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    in fact, having one may hinder a brother from bringing glory to God by his dress and grooming and his being irreprehensible

    JW's decided long ago that dressing in the style of "Corporate America" fit into their idea of acceptable even though they view Corporate America as corrupt and say it's wrong to emulate the worlds standards of dress and grooming.

    There are people who highly distrust anyone wearing a suit and tie because of their past dealings with those in positions of power whether they are Buisiness Men, Politicians or Religious Leaders.  Often, such as in court, someone who is trying to appear more respectable than he really is, will put on a suit and time.

    For some people, there may be less hindrance to the Glory of God if his message came to them from someone wearing a beard and casual clothing. For others, just knocking on their door like an annoying salesman is a hindrance to the message of God as well yet no one suggests dropping the door to door work lest it turn anyone away from the message.

    In this matter of Beards, there is more going on than beards being a hindrance to the message. I suspect that, someone in authority back in the day, wanted themselves apart from C.T. Russell supporters or perhaps they didn't like them or couldn't grow one themselves. As is so often is the case, they found a way to make man made notions appear as if they were about concern for Gods will.

    In the early days of Disneyland, Walt Disney banned his employees from wearing beards and moustaches because in his growing up years, he associated them with "Carnival Barkers" and the Villains in his stories always had moustaches or beards. He wanted to set his theme park apart from trashy carnivals and wanted his employees to look like the good guys in his stories. But at least he owned up to it and didn't try to insinuate that it was about God.

  • Hecce
    Pete Zahut

    Love your comments, here in USA most of the professionals have dropped the corporate garments, maybe legal and banking are the only two fields were these style still prevails.

    The Ws are really a weird site coming into the neighborhoods with their monkey suits.



    THE WTBTS COVERS OVER PEDOPHILIA, but bitches about beards, even stating that "God feels" that having a beard may make you lose your "irreprehensible" status before the great heavenly throne.

    What's worse, lying to Gods "superior authorities", or having a beard just like "Gods people" in the OT??

    LET'S REVIEW:....... ( Class, your answer??? )



    In other words:

    Having a beard can disqualify a brother from "priviliges" of service, but an Elder can rape a child and be reappointed if "some years" have passed.

    So Jeehippity-hop, who does not change his standards, feels that beards on men are worse than child rape.

    Don't you just love logic?


  • rebel8

    What if we switched "beards" with something as equally unimportant?

    17. What are some factors that may affect whether a brother wears a belt?
    17 What about the propriety of brothers wearing a belt? The Mosaic Law required men to wear a belt. However, Christians are not under the Mosaic Law, nor are they obliged to observe it. (Lev. 19:27; 21:5;Gal. 3:24, 25) In some cultures, a neat belt may be acceptable and respectable, and it may not detract at all from the Kingdom message. In fact, some appointed brothers have belts. Even so, some brothers might decide not to wear a belt. (1 Cor. 8:9,13; 10:32) In other cultures or localities, belts are not the custom and are not considered acceptable for Christian ministers. In fact, having one may hinder a brother from bringing glory to God by his dress and grooming and his being irreprehensible.—Rom. 15:1-3;1 Tim. 3:2, 7.

    See how ridiculous this sounds?

  • rebel8


    This is going into the Apostate Dictionary.

  • Dunedain

    @ Rebel8 - Brilliant observation! Its so true that once you "mad lib" anything you want into the text about beards, it really puts things in "perspective".

  • Finkelstein

    Actually the bible says in the OT that men should not cut off the sides of their heads, there is no mention in the bible about men shaving off their beards.

    ........and the GB say they never go beyond what is written.

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