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  • LV101

    Nathan - what book (online/download or purchase?) is recommended reading re/the Zodiac killer? Thx.

  • Diogenesister

    The first thing that sprung to my mind was that they thought you had witnessed something they had done, or you overheard them talking about the real victims and assumed the knife men were after YOU.

    THank heaven you had your safe spot, whatever the case. Shame no one was able to take a photo of these characters on a smartphone. Either way I’m sure you have been incredibly helpful. My god it’s like something out of thriller suspense movie. Eeeek

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    LV101, I have had numerous weird stalkers, muggers and catcalling borderline dangerous encounters but this takes the cake I suppose.

    Although I am cautious but sometimes you do not always get the signals when you are in the thick of it, onl y after the incident.

    Thank you all for reading.


  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Hi ZindagiNa,

    Wow, scary situation with 2 men and 3 women involved in staying calm and quiet while looking for a successful chance to live and escape.

    How the heck did you sense you needed to stay hiding while watching these 2 guys walk around, once, twice and then 3 times hunting for you and your group? Did fear paralyze all of you? Fear to stay, fear to go. How did you sense that after 3 go 'rounds, you felt it was a good time to go? Was it a collective decision?

    I am asking because my first sense would have been to get the heck out of town as soon as I saw them leave the first time. And then, I would have been caught and likely dead.

    When you wrote that while being quiet and hiding, the Evil Ones, walked around 3 times... That all 5 of you were able to stay calm...

    If any one of you got up and left after the first time these creeps walked around, you could be all dead. Same with the second and third time.

    How were all 5 of you able to make the quiet decision to leave after the Evil Ones had come around 3 times already??? Did you run out or go slinking behind bushes and trees?

    How is your neighbourhood? Do you still feel safe there?

    So GLAD you all made it out.

    What a horrible nightmare.

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    Hi LoisLane...

    We were paralysed with fear, at the same time, we knew we could not get out without being seen by them.The paths in the park are all open and straight, wood ,bushes start just 30,40 yards away from the beaten path. sink or save situation.

    We were also confused about the why they were doing what they were doing .It all looked and felt so off, abnormal specially given the hour of the night, so we thought best to stay put. Without understanding a situation , jumping out and confronting them would have been the death of us.

    Thank god none of us were the screaming , shireking person one sees in movies.

    "How did you sense that after 3 go 'rounds, you felt it was a good time to go? Was it a collective decision?

    We did not actually decide it was a good time to go.Actually we stayed there frozen in fear till day break ie all night from 11pmish to day break.

    The light and the fact that we di not see any more of them for quiet a long while helped us decide to leave. I f not we would have waited for some dog walkers or joggers to come by and then left after them.

    The beaten paths are quiet open so if you are on the path you can be seen from quiet afar till the path turns , if you get my drift so comin gout of hiding meant giving our positions away. We di not even know what was going off . the knives made us stay still and remain hidden.

    Dunno fi you read the update in the post . We were asked to go identify a knife that the police found near the area, also two bodies that had been stabbed and had cuts to the body.

    Humans are the most scary beings.


  • LV101

    Zind - I can imagine you've encountered much out along nature walks, anything healthy/enjoyable. I've been told to be armed walking in my community by residents (and our famous fashion show mall -- by individuals who know what occurs on an hourly basis/non-beach one and many already rattled about coyote encounters - I'll deal w/them any day) and we pay the highest security fees in the state and people can't believe how difficult it is to come on property. You guys are right about people being the most dangerous/scary animal. Sad but true. I have maids stealing right out of the house - so-called decent/good people but they're really thieves/crooks and just a different class of losers. Thankfully, they don't pack knives and go around killing.

    I can't believe your moon-madness walk escape -- it's sad we have to live like prisoners.

    Keep care and be safe.

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    Hi LV101

    This will make you laugh.once we were out walking , four o fus. It was a wooded area quiet nice and many were cycling there, very few walking. After walking through a tunnel like place (30 yars or so ,we came upon a clearing. As we appeared ,there was clapping and an airhorn heard. We saw a group of man , women sitting, some standing with smiles on their faces.then A guy and lady came up to us and said you are the 100th group who has come through there since this morning.

    We were a little confused no doubt many must come here specially through that tunnel like place.its a wooded walking park! But no we were told not many go through the tunnel like place, most people go the other way, its easier for cyclists and that very few walk here. They had a bet of $50 if a 100 make it through there.

    We were all given a bottle of red wine as a gift for being the 100th. Made some wonderful friends there and still go out with them on hikes etc.

    Have very funny ones too. Maybe next time.


  • LV101

    Hi Zind -- sounds like a nice 100th! I never realized hikes were so treacherous but we've friends and they hike -- (and hike) and it's their passion. They just relocated to Utah to be nearer to one of their fave hiking areas. They're so skinny and I doubt seriously they're armed - very liberal but conservative, too. He's hiked them into areas where they've been lost more than a couple of times -- ended up finding their way and had to walk thru a little city and every time he invites us to the Grand Canyon I get rattled. He said you can always find your way -- really?! I know nothing about hiking and after your experience and my close calls in a so cal beach town have no desire to go out and hoof around -- EVA! Told my husband I'm ordering a treadmill and will go to the gym and only walk on the beach and drive my car for hours waiting for parking spots in front of shops. I've had it -- then I get mad and refuse to be afraid. With aging, unfortunately, one is easy prey and more to be aware of -- yikes!

    I honestly know why we were naive about feeling safe around JWs! Stupidity re/the truth of the equation.

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    Hi LV101

    He said you can always find your way -- really?!

    We thought so too but we did get lost one time really bad.Let me tell you.

    Once we were 7 of us (couples and singles, all with mobile phones).There was this particular couple who said we will hike 3 mountain (out of 7, 5 are average hikers mountains), in a week of holiday.

    So here we were enjoyingthe hike up the mountain ,we were supposed to have reached the bottom like an hour before but we did not. Gps and all still going strong and we kept on .Until we realized that we are actually not reaching the other side . so tried to get back on track, locate where we are and all. suddenly our phones got no signal, no Gps all kaput.

    Still not much bothered as we believed we will find our way to the other side of the mountain.Fat chance of that happening. we tried so many times by following beaten paths and all. Ultimately after 5 hours of messing around lost (somewhere during this time it started raining), we saw light far away. We all made a beeline for that light .Turns out it was a pub in a small village . when asked how to get to our mountain, he laughs his head off and says you are on the other side of the 2nd mountain( we were going to the first of the 7 mountains). how we got there dunno but we were all so so tired and wet to the bones, we decided to take a taxi to our hotel and spend the rest of the holiday just chilling and relaxing.

    One of the couples was like our leader who had already done this hike before so we relied on him to help us as a guide to the 3 mountains a nd back. Guess who we made us pay for the expensive taxi ride back to the hotel. Yeah! Him.

    Vowed never again to rely on others but have our basics covered for safety reasons. One lives and learns.


  • LV101

    Oh my -- I think it was a good lesson learned and you're right on the money --- don't rely on others, EVA! Oddly enough I naively would trust this couple -- both retired (too young) as lawyers and he's so smart (but gets lost!) is one of those that my husband and legal system says is irreplaceable. I'm not much of an adventurer other than shopping malls. It must be awe inspiring in areas the average human never has an opportunity to observe but we've ducked so many invites because they want to take us out on a mini-hike -- yeah, right. We'll be visiting them soon but I've made it clear just want to see their new po-dunk town and gorgeous home which backs up into the mountain side.

    Good thing you had your senses and experience in the wild surviving that horror.

    Happy New Year to you and your fellow survivors. I'd be on a valium drip recovering -- and I'm afraid of tranqs!

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