W5 Investigation

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  • Freedom rocks
    Freedom rocks

    I felt sick and was upset when I watched it on YouTube for the people who weren't believed as children. I've shared it with my friends and family on facebook and told them to share it with everyone they know.

  • helpmeout

    Thank you very much for your efforts. My wife and I live in Canada. We have not suffered anything as serious as sexual abuse, but we have been treated very unjustly in the congregation because of our refusal to allow self righteous elders to interfere in our family. As a result, we have been marked and treated as outcasts without a voice. This program resonated with us. My wife watched it and has finally woken up. Thank you again!

  • LV101

    Great video -- thanks for links and all the hard work.

    Was this viewed by many in the US (other than x-JWS on this board) or mostly Canada?

  • dubstepped

    Great job by everyone involved and it was brave to be so open and vulnerable. Sorry that you had to ever be subjected to the abuse or the cult in the first place. We all walk away with so many scars from a religion marked by "love". Best wishes on your lawsuit as well.

  • Finkelstein

    Good for you Christian and thank you for your efforts, hope something good will come out of it.

  • sirlibz

    stupid videos

  • clarity

    Christian & Katja love your video's and so proud of you both.

    Thank you for sharing your stories, they are heartbreaking.

    So impressed with the Documentary and appreciate all the hours and devotion that went into it.

    Christian, I read your thoughts on Shunning on Marc & Cora's Facebook.

    Beautifully written and hard hitting. A Classic really.


  • wannaexit

    You two darlings did a great job. Thanks for the courage you showed.

  • lastmanstanding

    I had a publisher brother over to the house the night of the broadcast. His wife wants to stop pioneering because she is wiped out. The brother said they are worried about how others will view them when it is announced, so he said that he wanted to tell us in person.

    And he did.

    He needed consoling. So we consoled.

    I told him, good for her... and that she didn’t need elder’s permission to stop, just STOP.

    But, I said don’t do it tomorrow (Sunday)... wait a week.

    He was puzzled.

    I told him this because at our last meeting with the CO, the CO asked the elders if there were any troubles in the congregation because of the program that aired on TV, meaning a program months ago. Elders all shook heads.

    In any case, this poor deluded bro and his wife already have the entire Watchtower world on their backs, they don’t need suspicious elders thinking that she quit because of the W5 program, because they are indeed likely to query her as to why, and that much harder if they suspect that the W5 program is to blame.

    Maybe, just maybe, he will get wind of it and connect the dots.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Christian, there are over 36.29 million (2016) Canadians. I would be curious what percentage tuned in and what percentage were active JW's? "There are so many Jehovah's witnesses that saw this documentary and were disgusted by Watchtowers policy". If you are DF'd how do you know this? I'm not criticizing, I am sincerely wondering.

    That was brave of you two to speak up. Some doubters might wonder how hard it is when your name is attached to a multi million dollar suit. See it through.

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