Alternative pets?

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  • blackout

    What about a miniature horse or fallabella?

    The Miniature PonyMiniature ponies, also known as Fallabellas were bred by the fallabella family originaly. they MUST be under 34 inches.

    A lot are quiet but every now and then you get a tempremental horse.

    Miniature ponies, because they're so short and fat are prone to founder, it is best to minimise their intake of fresh lush green grass put they need some. miniatures can be very lazy so they need plenty of excerscice.

    They come in just about every colour. I suggest you see what it is like to have one, they're just like big puppies!

    Size: 34 inches or underPrice Range : $50-$3000

    Or a goat, get a baby one and they train real good, the Anglo Nubians are gorgeous.

    Hermit Crab?

  • Satanus

    My cat has me almost perfectly trained, and believe me, even within the boundaries she has set for me, i can still be a real man. So don't worry about a cat turning you into a wimp. I gotta go now, she wants her tummy rubbed or something.


  • ignored_one

    House rabbits are nice. At least I love my two.

    Ignored One.

  • Valis

    Best pets I ever had...they like quiet, eat catfood, are nocturnal, have spines, very intelligent, can be trained to use a litter box, love to eat bugs.....



    District Overbeer of the "Holy Hedgehogs" class

  • Dansk

    Hey Valis,

    I had pet hedgehogs, too! We called one 'Scrubber' and all I had to do was bang the pots together and shout "Come on, Scrubber" and he'd come running for his grub. Honest!

  • Valis

    dansk...they are very smart and also very good at hiding in places so you never find them if they escape...and mine do from time to time...I find them at the bottom of the stair case after a good tumble..*LOL* , but mostly I don't find them...I have to lay out food for them and shut off the lights...when you hear the crunching then BINGO!...*LOL* Since they have no natural predators they just freeze and ball up when the light goes on...Lucky for me anyway..*LOL* I have two right now...Dimsdale is a chocolate brown and an albino female named Luz...


    District Overbeer


    All my peguins have run(waddled)away..All I have left is my garden hose,my pet garden hose..It dosen`t make noise or eat much,and never craps on the floor..But that dam thing can pee all day..I`m taking it to the vet to see whats wrong..I think it`s a serious bladder infection....LOL!...OUTLAW

  • Sara Annie
    Sara Annie

    Hi Dan,

    I can recommend Tortoises pretty highly if you're looking for low maintenance, but interesting pets. Before we met, my husband had a similar desire to have other living things around, but needed low maintenance pets due to his long work hours (and I think due to his extreme dislike of cleaning up, but he'll deny that). He purchased two Russian tortoises (Max and Shelley) and they have been wonderful pets for us. They are relatively small, won't get much larger than about 8-10" in diameter, and the children are fascinated by them. They have always lived outside, he built a "pen" of sorts outside using interlocking landscape rock walls filled with a foot or two of earth, a simple shelter, and a small circulating pond (he's an overachiever, a recessed drinking bowl would work just fine too). We feed them fresh vegetables daily, they take care of their business with very little cleanup, and the best part is that dig down into the ground and hibernate all winter! One word of caution: Properly cared for, our tortoises will live upwards of about 70 years. We'll probably be willing them to the children to keep in their own yard someday.

    After 8 years, two kids, and two houses later, we now have a friggin menagerie! 2 Cats, 1 Dog, 2 tortoises, 1 Iguana, 2 mice, and a whole lot of fish later, we've lost the whole "low maintenance" desire, but still enjoy our tortoises.

  • DanTheMan

    Hey, thanks for all the great responses! Sorry it took me so long to get back to this thread.

    Francois & Farkel both have me thinking parrot pretty strongly. I'll have to research to see if I'm up to the task.

    Valis, those hedgehogs are cool as hell! I've never known anyone who kept them as pets.

    SS (and Xena), I've probably overstated the whole masculinity & cats thing in this thread. I guess I'm still paranoid because I was a "Weirdo Single 'Hovah Dude" during my borg years.

    Sara - they hibernate? I live in Ohio, where do you live?

  • aunthill

    The hedgehogs are way cool! But I think a big orange striped tom is very a sexy pet for a single man. You'd have to get him neutered, otherwise he'd be out cattin' around all the time - but a great pet all the same.

    I agree, who would want a woman that didn't like a man with a cat. Speaking as a woman, I wouldn't ever date a man who didn't like cats. If a man (or woman, for that matter) doesn't like cats, who knows what other neurotic tendencies he/she may have?


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