Urban Legends!

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  • riz


    Having their heads down supposedly protected them so that the only witnesses hurt were the ones that were not following along with the speaker.

    ROFL! That's a new one for me! I would have been protected at the meetings if that was the case. I would fall asleep with my bible open so it looked like I was following along.

    It just goes to show that it pays to sleep through those torturous meetings.


    Insanity in individuals is something rare- but in groups, parties, nations, and epochs it is the rule. - Nietzsche

  • mommy

    I heard that one too Rondico, perhaps we grew up in the same area, I am from New York Rochester area. This was a close personal frind of a friend...hmmmm
    Jelly I heard the scripture saving all those lives too. But I thought it was in Africa where it happened. Perhaps you are wrong on the where abouts?

  • JWD

    I remember watching the news here in Japan a few years back when they
    reported that a chartered bus in Spain had gone off the road and 23
    of the passengers were killed. It had been chartered by the Jehovah`s
    Witnesses who were apparently on their way to a convention. I wonder
    what story was made up about that incident. Did they find apostate
    literature in the cases of the 23 who died...?! More than likely that
    incident was hushed and never made the rounds... JWD

  • qwerty

    ISP You said..

    I heard this one recently..............
    This pioneer starts a study with a woman of ill repute i.e. a prostitute. She comes to the meeting after only one or two studies. She then promptly identifies one of the elders,who was giving a talk on the platform, as one of her 'clients'! He is subsequently confronted over the matter and is disfellowshipped. The prostitute breaks it all off after a few studies and doesn't pursue it further.

    That one must have gone around the country. I heard that one about a year back.

    Thanks for bringing it back to mind (I think!).

    On the bombing at the Australian KH. What about those who missed the meeting that day because they couldn't be bothered. Their attitude saved their life!


  • philo


    "BTW Philo what part of the world are you from? I also recall a DO called Carter who reminded me of 'Uncle Fester' of the Adams Family!"

    I'm from the Sarf uv Ingland, mate.
    And, yes, Uncle Fester IS the fellow. Hell of a show he put on at assemblies. I also noted an exaggerated sense of humility; during the breaks he would walk the corridors and empty the bins in the auditorium. DO brought low - another great show. God I'm so cynical.


  • JWD

    The one about the big invisible big guy standing behind a pioneer
    and protecting her made it`s way to Japan as well. Over here there
    are no actual annointed ones, but there are always rumors about
    some annointed one in another congregation who is so godly.It`s
    always `I heard it from a friend who heard from their friend` type
    of `long distance` info. The vagueness probably adds to the mystic.

  • SanFranciscoJim

    Then there was the one about the sister in Tennessee who worked the night shift and walked through a cemetery every night as a short cut to her job. She happened upon a "worldly" woman one night who was standing at the edge of the cemetery who asked the "sister" if she wouldn't mind walking with her because cemeteries frightened her.
    The sister replied "No, I don't mind. I used to feel the same way you did when I was a part of the world."
    The "worldly" woman fainted unconscious to the ground.

  • Mulan

    Here's another earthquake story: This one is from South America in about 1972 or 73. One KH was completely destroyed. Moments before, when the rumbling started, the speaker told everyone to get out into the street!! Everyone obeyed, of course, and were saved. At another KH in the same are, the speaker said for everyone to stay where they were. The KH was spared, but in the street, electrical wires were falling and anyone out there would have been electrocuted if a wire had touched them, and big cracks in the road would have made them fall in and be crushed. The moral: Do what the brothers tell you to do and you will get life. Obviously they had divine direction! GIVE ME A BREAK!!!

  • wheelwithinwheel

    Here’s one from around here :

    A sister was having terrible trouble with one leg - the pain was so intense she could no longer walk on it. Because she couldn't get to meetings or out in service an elder visited her. On her desk, he happened to notice a music-box with a dancing ballerina holding one leg in the air . On a hunch he asked where she had got it. She had received it from a relative and it turned out that discussing this with the elder jogged her memory. Apparently the generous relative practiced demonic rites. The music box was promptly destroyed, the pain disappeared, and the sister resumed her spiritual activities.

    When this legend went around our area a sister suffering from depression and insomnia remembered she had bought her bed second-hand from a strange looking individual. After speaking with the elders, it was decided that it would be prudent to destroy the bed. ¾’ s of the cong. went to the dump for the bed burning ... no kidding. The pion. couple slept on the floor and the sister’s health improved ... for a while.

  • TheApostleAK

    SanFranciscoJim: That's a classic!

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