Urban Legends!

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  • AuSet

    This one comes from a former Bethelite, and was related to my husband and me.
    At Headquarters in Brooklyn, there was this one apostate who would get up early in the morning and go down outside one of the main buildings, then yell and scream at passersby about the horrors of the WBTS. Apparently, this man's wife was a pioneer, still in the truth. When the brothers asked her about her husband, she replied that "early every morning the demons wake him up and tell him to get going, to go and spread his apostate lies, etc."

    Purpose: to clarify for all that Apostates really are demonized

    ...pause... (checking self for signs of demonization)

  • tergiversator

    That's really low, COMF. Ugh. I think I feel ill now, thinking about what high esteem I used to hold the GB, bethelites, travelling overseers, etc., in. I mean, it's one thing to repeat the story as an urban legend... quite another to try and make it real. Blech.

  • SixofNine

    Nice name, you abuser of tergiversation . I agree, Comfs post made me feel a little ill myself. I'm actually surprised it could have an effect on me. I remember the awe we were supposed to have at the amazing mental prowess of a couple of the GB members. In fact, just recently, a brother, trying to "encourage" me, and showing me how incredibly humble he is, spoke in almost emotional tones about how "very smart, almost genius" the GB members compared to him (of course, I was supposed to humbly accept that they are sooo much smarter and wiser than me as well).

    I wanted to scream.

    Comf, along the same lines, at last years convention, a sister I knew gave an experience of witnessing to a workmate. Very dramatic experience, lots of twist and turns, all pointing the woman to Jehovah, given completly in the first person. I asked her about it after the session. "oh, it isn't my experience, it is a sister from another circuit's, she couldn't be here, so they asked me to tell it." I lost my innocence that day, lol.

  • IslandWoman


    Could you tell us what was the name of the Governing
    Body member you heard say that he forgot his glasses?

    Also, what city was that convention in and what year?


  • bajarama

    Knowing what I do about the gb and dubs, those posts still blew me away. It is hard to believe they could go that low? Talk about spindoctors. I thought that Clinton and the D.O.C. were bad.

    (formerly of the spun class)


    "He will wipe every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor pain be anymore. For The Watchtower will have passed away" bajarama 1:1

  • orbison

    makes me wonder about the kh that was bombed in australia about 10 yrs ago,,,hhmm


  • TheApostleAK

    makes me wonder about the kh that was bombed in australia about 10 yrs ago.

    WHERE? WHEN? Need more info please.

  • orbison

    re bombing in australia,,,was about 10 - 14 yrs ago,,,i am in canada so i do not know exacts, but was in the news, our friends in australia or uk might know more than me,,,,meeting was in session on a sunday i think,,,cant remember the casualities, but there were some, sorry is all i remember,,,


  • Prisca

    Re : Bombing in Australia

    It happened in 1985, I think, in the suburb of Casula, in Sydney. The bomb went off during the Sunday meeting, during the Public Talk.

    The speaker (I can't remember his name, but he gives talks at the District Assemblies) was literally thrown up in the air, but apart from a few injuries, survived. A man sitting in the front row was killed.

    They suspect a husband of a sister did it, but only have circumstantial evidence, so no conviction has ever been made. Also, the congregation had to wear part of the blame, because the group that cleaned the Hall the day before had accidently left the Hall unlocked........

    (NB : I know about the unlocked Hall part because I spoke to a sister who was in that congregation at the time.)

  • goo

    as it turns out, according to jw urban legend, the bro giving the talk had been down on his hours that month, the watchtower of the guy killed was later found amongst the debris, apostate thoughts scribbled into the margins like -"jf rutherford antichrist" "watchtower society 666" and the mop of the person who left the kh door unlocked had been bought at a garage sale of some people about to expatriate to tanganyika.


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