Urban Legends!

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  • ISP

    Its amazing the extent these circulate in the WT world. Why? I am not so sure, but it develops a powerful folklore amongst JWs….often with a moral at the end! Typically these circulate as experiences given in talks and are then adopted by the masses as truth.

    For example, anyone hear the UL about the married couple where the wife had to have a routine blood check. To her horror she was told that she had HIV. She could not account for that due to her JW lifestyle and mentioned the unfortunate situation to her husband who then confessed that he had been unfaithful. He was tested and found to be infected. The loyal, faithful sister then was asked to come to the clinic where she received an apology as her records has been confused with someone else’s and she didn’t have the virus whatsoever! The point behind it all is that Jehovah brings things out…….in his own time! (Let the wrongdoers beware……..cue scary music etc.)

    Problem is the UL never found its way into the mags etc! I wonder why……?!

    Anyone care to share others they have heard?


  • Stephanus

    I dunno about JDub urban myths, but Christendom itself (well, the Pentecostal end, anyway!) has a large repertoir of such things:

  • riz

    I don't know if this constitutes an urban legend, but I remember this 'experience' from a Sunday talk when I was just a little girl.

    During World War 2, I believe, Jehovah's Witnesses were being interrogated one at a time by German soldiers. A faithful brother's turn came up, and he refused to renounce his beliefs.

    Miraculously, he escaped judgement and was able to live.

    However, the next brother that was called in got scared and renounced his faith in Jehovah. He was shot and killed on the spot. How the faithful brother's faith was strengthened when he heard this!

    I was just a kid, and out of 20 years of meetings five times a week, that has stuck with me. Need a good way to keep your kids in line? Tell them they will be killed for being disloyal to the org. Fear tactics? You bet!


    Insanity in individuals is something rare- but in groups, parties, nations, and epochs it is the rule. - Nietzsche

  • SanFranciscoJim

    One word: SMURFS !

  • Mulan

    Has anyone posted before about the Avon lady story? Supposedly, two female witnesses were working in a territory where an Avon lady had been viciously murdered by one of the men they had called on, the same morning. When he was caught, they asked him why he didn't try to lure them inside and kill them. His reply "I would have it they didn't have that huge man standing there with them." Obviously the point being that it was an angel protecting them. When our CO caught wind of that story (circa 1958) he tried real hard to track it down, and validate it. No go. Just an Urban Legend!!

  • jezebel influence
    jezebel influence

    Dear Mulan
    You are right-I for one have heard that story or similar before.

    thanks jez

  • Outaservice

    How about the brothers and sisters who missed the meeting in (Russia, Germany, Italy, you fill in the country) that did not know where to attend the next meeting because of missing the previous meeting where the location (in secret) was revealed?

    If true, this could have been a 'blessing in disguise'!

    Outaservice (Who now, can't even find the 'Hall')

  • waiting

    And the famous -

    Brother so and so decided to stay home from the meeting, but he was really not too sick. His house was hit by (bombs, earthquakes, tornadoes, war, whatever) and he died. Miraculously, the Kingdom Hall, and all who were inside, were spared. If Brother so and so had been at the meetings where he belonged, he would be among us today.

    Lesson? Go to the meetings where we belong for protection.


  • COMF

    This isn't an urban legend, but I think it ties in because you can see how a reputation and public persona were cultivated.

    When I was studying, the brother who was teaching me was talking about the anointed, and particularly the governing body, telling me about how close to God they were, how they knew the bible so intimately through and through. He told me of having seen one of them at a district convention (I don't remember which GB member it was) get up and deliver a long talk, using numerous references to bible scriptures where the audience looked them up and read along as he spoke the words aloud. After this talk, the chairman came forward, handed him a paper with some statistics regarding attendance and so forth, and asked him to read them to the audience. The GB member responded that he was unable to read because he had come up onstage without his glasses.

    Well, I was suitably impressed with his ability to deliver the entire talk, including quoting scriptures verbatim, without reading anything.

    Cut to a few years later, district convention where I am in attendance: a GB member gives a long talk, citing numerous scriptures which we look up and follow as he quotes them. Afterward, the chairman comes up onstage. He does not take the podium from this brother, but is holding a microphone in his hand and speaks beside the GB; this allows the audience to hear the GB's words. He states that he has the statistics regarding the attendance, blah blah blah...

    At this point, I thought to myself, "Oh, my goodness, no..."

    The chairman asks the GB to read the statistics. I think, "Oh, no, don't do this, please."

    The GB tells the chairman that he can't read the paper. The chairman feigns confusion: "What... you can't read it... I don't..." The GB tells him, "No, you see, I left my glasses behind when I came up onstage."

    My heart just sunk. I was stunned, sitting there knowing that they had deliberately contrived this scene, and knowing that the purpose of it was to make the GB guy look oh-so-holy-and-wise.

    So the chairman hams it up a little bit. He's got to repeat it for everybody, so they'll be sure and get the point, that this guy just delivered that talk without reading anything: "you forgot to bring your glasses, Br. GB?" Exaggerated pronunciation, dragging the words out, staring at the audience with mouth hanging wide open, showing us how awestruck we all should be.

    That's the only thing I can remember from that assembly: how they were trying to create a persona by staging that incident, one that they had used in the past as well.


  • JW72

    My own dad told me that when he was down, he prayed, and both times, the next day, a JW was there!!!!!
    Freaky, coming from your own dad.
    However, coinsidence is a powerful thing.

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