Urban Legends!

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  • JanH
    Obviously the point being that it was an angel protecting them. When our CO caught wind of that story (circa 1958) he tried real hard to track it down, and validate it. No go. Just an Urban Legend!!

    When I was in primary school (hum, some years ago), I was a bit shocked to hear my Lutheran school teacher, who had been a missionary, tell the same stories to the class that we had earlier heard about JWs only.

    These urban legend-type stories have not even originated with the JWs. They've been travelling around all sorts of religious groups, certainly for decades, possibly for centuries.

    - Jan
    Faith, n. Belief without evidence in what is told by one who speaks without knowledge, of things without parallel. [Ambrose Bierce, The Devil´s Dictionary, 1911]

  • Prisca
    as it turns out, according to jw urban legend, the bro giving the talk had been down on his hours that month, the watchtower of the guy killed was later found amongst the debris, apostate thoughts scribbled into the margins like -"jf rutherford antichrist" "watchtower society 666" and the mop of the person who left the kh door unlocked had been bought at a garage sale of some people about to expatriate to tanganyika.

    Yeah right! [8>] Don't know where you live, but these details were never spoken about in Australia!

    Methinks you made that up!

  • COMF

    RedHorseWoman, I'm sorry, but I cannot recall who the GB speaker was. The year would have been sometime around 1981 to 83, and the location would have been somewhere in Texas, most likely either Houston or Lufkin. The brother who studied with me and told me the story was named Dan LaRocca, and he told me that story in the fall of 1975.


  • philo

    I just read your bit, Comf. ----- Jesus H Christ!!! Was that for real, or were you just entertaining us in the first person?

    We had a DO called David Carter. A big man with a rubbery face and a dome so polished he had an aura. He came with a CO to visit our congregation. His assembly talks were always so HUGE: gestures, faces, belly laughs, funny walks. So we were on the edge of our seats for his congregation visit. But nothing. If he gave a talk at all, I can't remember him. On the field service his meeting was … nothing. And when I worked with him on the doors, he was nervous, offered the magazines like a rookie, and hardly said a word to me. My impression was: this guy is a actor.

    That was confirmed when I attended two assembly days in succession (I wasn't supposed to be there on the Sunday). Every face, every joke, every funny pause while he found his scripture, even playing with the electric lectern, all the same, to perfection. It was not a talk. It was a performance.


  • philo

    "Was that for real, or were you just entertaining us in the first person?"

    Retracted. I have my answer.
    It made my hair stand on end.


  • JWD

    Here`s a couple ULs from this side of the world. Two pioneers were
    doing field work in a closed country (China/former East Germany... where ever) when suddenly a bolt of lightening came down and struck
    one of them dead. After the tragedy, the other one went back to where
    they had been staying , gathered up his dead companions personal belongings and loe and behold, guess what he found in his things...
    that`s right APOSTATE books!! Surprise?
    Another one involves an actual incident where an opposer husband set
    a KH on fire in Korea (actually happened. It was reported in the real
    news, not the Awake mag.) Based on that incident, the UL that developed around it says that the husband was sent to prison and
    ended up in a cell with a bro. who was there because he refused military service. The husband was sure that this bro. would hate
    him when he found out what he`d done to the KH. But, instead the
    brother was forgiving and kind. That attitude melted the husband`s
    heart and he started a book study with the young bro. in prison and
    became a Jehovah`s Witness. Now, doesn`t that have all the good
    components of a great UL? JWD

  • riz


    goo was joking. LOL. [8>]

    Goo, that was hilarious.


    Insanity in individuals is something rare- but in groups, parties, nations, and epochs it is the rule. - Nietzsche

  • rodnico

    A man started to study, was baptized and then began to pioneer. He did all of this after meeting a VERY PRETTY pioneer. They began to date, and one day she decided she was going to test this man to see what he was made of. They were walking over a bridge and she threw her book bag into the water and said “I’m tired of all of this, I am going to give it up”. He then said to her I was hoping you would say this, I only did this for you, and this is all crap anyway (Or something like that). And her in her all knowing very pretty wise pioneer ways knew what was really in his heart and broke it off right there.

    This Urban Legend irritates me.

  • ISP

    I heard this one recently..............
    This pioneer starts a study with a woman of ill repute i.e. a prostitute. She comes to the meeting after only one or two studies. She then promptly identifies one of the elders,who was giving a talk on the platform, as one of her 'clients'! He is subsequently confronted over the matter and is disfellowshipped. The prostitute breaks it all off after a few studies and doesn't pursue it further.

    So the moral was.......Jehovah can sort out wrongdoing etc. even if he has to bring people to the truth temporarily!


    BTW Philo what part of the world are you from? I also recall a DO called Carter who reminded me of 'Uncle Fester' of the Adams Family!

  • jelly

    The Australian bombing incident had a further twist added to it out here in Cali. I was told that the speaker had asked everyone to read a scripture just seconds before the bomb exploded, so all the good witnesses had their heads down and buried in their bibles when the blast occurred. Having their heads down supposedly protected them so that the only witnesses hurt were the ones that were not following along with the speaker.

    What’s really interesting about this story is that when it was relayed to me by several experienced pioneers, their attitude seemed to be that if people were doing what they were supposed to no one would be hurt. This way of thinking led them to believe that the injured were somehow responsible for their injuries, a very common attitude among the JW elite.


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